May 05, 2008

Local work; global benefits

Alloway Librarian Duncan Dixon recently completed the creation of six tutorials for ANTS, The ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project. The ANTS Project addresses the significant growth in the number of online resources and the increasing need for information literacy. ANTS members coordinate and development on-screen tools that explain how to use a database, step by step. They use software that allows them to capture search screens and insert audio and/or text to create highly professional and useful animated tutorials.

Duncan’s tutorials deal with the Proquest CBCA Education database and explain how to use the database to conduct different types of searches and use the Publications and My Research tabs in this database. The tutorials can be viewed via Alloway Library’s webpage.

ANTS is a collaborative project, with the goal to create a critical mass of Open Source Tutorials for online resources used by libraries everywhere. Duncan’s work at Alloway Library will benefit library users around the world!

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