April 08, 2008

Still more new DVDs

It's been a busy term for adding new videorecordings, but I think this is the last batch of new DVDs for a while. Alloway LibraryNews doesn't feature new books because there are even more of them, and they are browsable in the library in the New Books area on the main level.

Remember, you can click on the title to see the catalogue record and then request any title with and “in cataloguing” or “checked out” status.

Life running out of control Genetically modified agricultural and animal industries around the globe including Saskatchewan, India and Norway. "Meticulously researched, excellently photographed and multilayered documentary" View trailer.

Buying into sexy Marketers are selling a grown-up, sexualized image ("age compression" marketing) to pre-teen girls. Follows three tweeners, showing how they are being manipulated and pressured to look sexy based on pop idols and models. Then asks the boys what they think about young girls dressing sexy. Also interviews parents, marketers, and tween retailers. Resources and online viewing here

Violation of trust a century of native residential schools in Canada. Focuses on the Williams Lake, BC school and the harsh experiences of the children who went there. Speaks to survivors, an historian, a therapist, and clergymen who ran the school. Asks questions about government policy, society's attitudes, and the responsibility of the priests. Gives statistics; illuminates how former students are trying to heal.

Breaking point series. Painstakingly researched, involving thousands of Access to Information requests and over 400 hours of interviews, Breaking Point features Jean Chrétien, Jacques Parizeau, Daniel Johnson, Jean Charest, Preston Manning, Deborah Grey and Brian Tobin, among others, providing their candid and "insider" views of this pivotal moment in Canada’s federation.

Episode 1 A battle of titans Tells the story of the people and the events leading up to the Oct. 30, 1995 Québec referendum on becoming a sovereign nation. This program introduces two of the main political leaders of the day: Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien and Québec premier Jacques Parizeau: their upbringing, their backgrounds and their political careers up to that point. Also looks at Lucien Bouchard's involvement.

Episode 2 The choice This program focuses on the week leading up to the referendum, and the dramatic night itself.

Dark crystal Shows how two B.C. towns in the Interior, Kamloops and Barriere, are dealing with a crystal meth epidemic among their young people. The Dark Crystal web site includes supplementary materials, and a streamed version of the program.

Messing with heads interviews and research linking heavy marijuana use to schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis among teenagers and young adults, particularly focusing on the effects of THC on the brains of young users. Online resources include broadband version, transcript, interviews, further info.

Death by jib Teens and young adults describe their addiction to crystal methamphetamines, and the drug culture of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. Includes vignettes of their lives on the streets, complete with language that reflects this harsh reality, and a mother talking about losing her son because of his addiction. Examines issues associated with the use of this drug: various losses experienced by users; sexual exploitation of youth on crystal meth; health problems including sores on the body, rotten teeth, cognitive impairment, and mental health concerns. A resource guide accompanies this DVD

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