April 02, 2008

New DVDs

Two new titles today. Click on the link to see Alloway Library's catalogue record and, if it is in cataloguing or checked out, use the "Request item" function.

Manufactured Landscapes a feature documentary on the work of internationally renowned artist Edward Burtynsky as he travels through China photographing the evidence and effects of that country's massive industrial revolution. The Three Gorges Dam, factory floors a kilometre long and the breathtaking scale of Shanghai's urban renewal are subjects for his lens. Shot in Super-16mm film, the documentary extends the narratives of Burtynsky's photographs, meditating on the human impact on the planet without trying to reach simplistic judgements or reductive resolutions. In the process, it shifts our consciousness about the world and the way we live in it.

(This YouTube clip doesn't adequately capture the award-winning imagery)

Class Dismissed: How TV frames the working class. Media analysts and cultural historians examine the patterns inherent in TV's disturbing depictions of working class people as either clowns or social deviants, stereotypical portrayals that reinforce the myth of meritocracy to the advantage of other classes.

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