April 04, 2008

New DVD's on China, globalization and communication

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China Rises Series
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Party Games As Beijing prepares for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, it is envisioning a new political dawn for a growing nation, and is ready to invite the world to see its progress. But what price progress?

Getting rich Is China's success riding on the backs of their many poor? This episode profiles motorcycle magnate Zuo Zongshen, Internet entrepreneur Jack Ma, migrant worker Liu Yong, and worker's rights lawyer Zhou Litai.

Food is heaven From the steamy kitchens of Canton, to the arid moonscape of the north, food is the very heart and soul of China. But increasing development and dwindling water supplies are threatening the nation's ability to feed itself.

City of dreams In the streets and neighbourhoods of Shanghai, a new dream of China is being turned into reality. A generation of Chinese now lives in a style that would not look out of place in New York, Berlin or Toronto. But for its poorer residents, Shanghai can be a city of harsh poverty.

The dollar a day dress Steve Bradshaw travels to Mali, Uganda, Peru and Cambodia. In each country he tries to collect locally-produced fabric for London College of Fashion students to make into a symbolic dress. This dress represents the plight of the more than one billion people who live on a dollar a day or less because of the world's trade system, specifically subsidies to farmers in Europe and the U.S. of almost $300 billion a year, six times the amount the West gives in aid, which makes it extremely difficult for poor countries to exploit their trade advantage. Transcript and more online

That’s not what I meant!: Language, culture and meaning Deborah Tannen lays out and illustrates her linguistic approach to understanding how we use language to create meaning and why communication sometimes goes awry. She also talks about her research, examines conversational styles, and explains that how you say things is often as important as what you say. Comes with an Instructor’s Package.

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