April 16, 2008

Librarians: magician, matchmakers, healers, trail guides

We have quoted Anne Lamott on libraries before. In her latest book she mentions librarians:
... librarians. I see them as healers and magicians. Librarians can tease out of inarticulate individuals enough information about what they are after to lead them on the path of connection. They are trail guides through the forest of shelves and aisles -- you turn a person loose who has limited skills, and he'll be walloped by the branches. But librarians match up readers with the right books: "Hey, is this one too complicated? Then why don't you give this one a try?"
Grace (eventually): thoughts on faith. Riverhead Books; New York 2007.
Alloway Librarians are ready to lead all inquirers on the "path of connection" online or on-site.

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