April 01, 2008

Student shelvers nearly perfect

Quality control at Alloway Library proves that student assistants who shelve material can be very proud of the work they do. And, because of their careful work, library patrons can be confident that they will find the item they want right where it should be.

This term, nearly 1600 items were spot-checked by library staff within a day or so of being shelved. Over 99% of those books, videorecordings and CDs shelved by library staff were found to be in the correct call number location when checked. The less than 1% of mis-shelved items were often found to be very close to where they should have been. Every person who shelved material this term met or surpassed the minimum goal of 98% accuracy.

Student assistants Sammi Lan, (foreground) Jack Xu and David Thompson demonstrate their shelving techniques.

If you are unable to find an item in the library, talk to circulation staff who can assist you by confirming the call number and status of the item, checking the sorting area or initiating a search request.

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