March 26, 2008

How art made the world - new video series

How art made the world is a lively and provocative five part investigation into the far-reaching influence of art on society. To view this series click on the title and if the item status is "in cataloguing" (or "checked out") use the Request link.

More human than human travel from the modern world of advertising to the temples of classical Greece and the tombs of ancient Egypt to solve the mystery of why humans surround themselves with images of the body, images that are startlingly unrealistic.

The day pictures were born There was a creative explosion when people started to create pictures. Today, pictures dominate our lives, from signage and directions to advertising.

The art of persuasion Ancient leaders created visual techniques that still maintain a hold on us today, techniques designed to win the hearts and minds of a people.

Once upon a time This episode reveals how the most powerful storytelling medium ever created exploits visual techniques invented by artists in the ancient world.

To death and back What it is that has compelled human beings to surround themselves with images of death for thousands of years.

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