February 19, 2008

Oxford Reference Online has been updated

Alloway Library's quarterly update to Oxford Reference Online: Premium is now available at the library’s website.

The latest update includes four superb titles, containing plenty of fascinating and scholarly content, focusing mainly on quotations and world history and politics.

There are two new titles — The Oxford Companion to Australian Politics and The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations; — which contain outstanding content, boasting comprehensive and authoritative coverage of Australian political life and thought, and a rich array of American quotations. Subscribers also benefit from two new editions — The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and A Dictionary of Contemporary World History.

In addition to these new titles, this update offers further progress with linking together of all the biographical entries in the Premium Collection, with an extra 15,000+ new links added. That brings the current total to over 20,000! Browsing and exploring the people included in Premium Collection is now even easier and more satisfying — visit entries for John Adams, Louisa May Alcott, or Robert Fabyan to get a taste of this outstanding new functionality!

Another exciting update to the Premium Collection is the addition of three fantastic new timelines — Settlements of North America, The American Revolution and The American Civil War. These provide a chronological account of events in North America from 1200 BCE to 1877, with each moment linked to an entry in a trusted Oxford title in the Premium Collection.

Oxford University Press

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