February 20, 2008

Online journals get used- a lot!

Question: How many times were Alloway Library’s online journals accessed via the EBSCOhost databases in the first month of the term?

Answer: 1845 titles were searched a total of 8968 times during the month of Jan 2008.

(Imagine a stack of magazines over 38 feet high and you get an idea of 1845 titles! To shelve those 8968 items would take about 49 hours if you could shelve 3 per minute.)

The ten most-used titles.

  1. American Psychologist
  2. Harvard Business Review
  3. Christianity Today
  4. Christian Century
  5. Maclean's
  6. Journal Of Personality & Social Psychology
  7. Journal Of Consulting & Clinical Psychology
  8. International Journal of Systematic Theology.
  9. Psychological Assessment
  10. Developmental Psychology
50 titles had 30 or more uses.
199 titles were searched 10 times or more.

725 titles were searched just once. A sample of those titles indicate the breadth of study at TWU: The Journal Of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine; International Journal Of The Classical Tradition; Teaching Artist Journal, Scottish Geographical Journal; Journal Of Brand Management.

If you are not using this resource, talk to an Alloway Librarian to get started.

Contributed by Ted Goshulak, University Librarian

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