February 15, 2008

New Education and Religious Studies videorecordings

We have been featuring the nearly 200 titles recently added to Alloway Library's catalouge. Today we feature mostly education and Christian life titles

If you see a title you want, click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.


How To Effectively Involve Parents in the Classroom This video offers lots of practical and proven strategies.

How To Informally Assess Student Learning a video program that explores informal assessment techniques teachers can use for any grade level and subject area to determine students' needs and adjust instruction to meet those needs.

How To make Homework More Meaningful by Involving Parents Strategies for initiating and encouraging family participation

How To Spiral Questions to Provoke Student Thinking The technique of using a spiraling sequence of questions is an effective way to involve more students in learning and promote deeper understanding of the subject matter.

How to teach critical thinking the issues of logic, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. and how these skills can be incorporated into the teaching of students.

Women and Islam: Islam unveiled pt.1 & 2
challenges Western understanding of Islam by providing alternative perspectives to widely held Western assumptions Filmed in Britain, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey.


Renovare titles. For three days in June 2005 participants at the Renovare International Conference addressed one primary question: How does the Bible serve as the primary written resource for transforming our hearts and minds into the very nature of the heart and mind of God?

Questions & Answers for two evenings, Ravi Zacharias answers hard-hitting questions from a student-packed auditorium at the University of Illinois.

Trees Do our lives really matter? like all the NOOMA series, this comes in English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish

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