February 13, 2008

More New Videos

There are still 88 new videorecordings to tell you about! Here are some Business, Literature, film, art and photography titles.

If you see a title you want click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.

Business Titles

Three titles from Christian Management Institute: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Office with Jerry Jenkins; Getting Unstuck and Risking Change with Carolyn Koons and Silent Victory with Charlie Wedemeyer, a former high school teacher and football coach, famous for continuing to teach and coach after contracting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Ray Kroc: Fast food McMillionaire. Filled with interviews, archival footage and visits to the most important McDonald's of all, this is a sizzling portrait of a true business legend.


Three more from The Shields Stories series based on Carol Shields short stories: A Wood ; Eccentric musical prodigies find themselves at a crossroads Windows Two artists struggle against a new government tax on glass and have to paint in artificial light. Various Miracles the various miracles of everyday life, Eccentric musical prodigies find themselves at a crossroads.

Granular synthesis: Immersive works GRANULAR SYNTHESIS create electronic emotion machines, that surround, immerse their audience, overwhelm the human sensory apparatus by massive use of subsonic and penetrating light frequencies, literally touching the visitors.

Mendelssohn: gala concert

Passage to India David Lean's tale of the Raj based on E.M Forster's novel.

Passion and Revolution and A new vision History of Western art ; v. 5-6

Reading Alistair MacLeod Writers such as Margaret Atwood, David Adams Richards, and Russell Banks read favourite passages of his works and share personal stories.

Richard Avedon: Darkness and light fashion and portraiture photographer

Tennessee Williams: Wounded Genius. Makes the case that his early years gave him the material for his meteoric rise to success in the worlds of stage and film, but also laid the groundwork for the personal problems that would eventually be his downfall.

War Photographer James Nachtwey goes from Kosovo to the West Bank to Indonesia as he searches for pictures he can publish. This committed, shy man, is considered one of the bravest and most important war photographers of our time.


Hollywood Camera Work; The Master Course In High-End Blocking And Staging is the most comprehensive and ambitious directing dourse in the world. A groundbreaking learning tool, the course teaches high-end camera work through over 9 hours of 3D animated instruction. View sample clips

Untold Stories: creative consequences of the rights clearance culture. The implications of the rights clearance process on the creative experience of independent, professional documentary filmmakers.

Werner Nold the largely unrecognized art of film editing. View excerpt

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