February 25, 2008

Alloway Library’s ERIC (Educational Resources Information Centre) database has had several updates and enhancements recently.

ERIC Milestones

  • Over 36,700 new records added in 2007
  • 597 journals under agreement
  • 502 non-journal providers under agreement
  • Over 95,000 full text documents added
  • ERIC Web site enhancements
  • Education Level added to advanced search
  • Posting counts added to Thesaurus term records
  • Microfiche lists added to aid collection maintenance
  • Search shortcut for Regional Educational Laboratories' documents
  • Clarification of "Level" field
  • Enhancement to citation export, separating volume, issue, and page information into appropriate fields
  • Expanded options for sorting search results

ERIC Releases Lists of Digitized Microfiche

In response to inquiries from former microfiche subscribers such as Alloway Library, ERIC is providing lists of microfiche documents now available in electronic format. The lists include more than 100,000 documents that have been available on the ERIC Web site since 2004, and thousands more that have been converted from microfiche as part of the ongoing ERIC Microfiche Digitization Project. ERIC will provide a list online with each release of newly digitized documents.

ERIC began the New Year by adding over 31,000 full-text documents previously available only on microfiche. To date, more than 95,000 digitized documents have been made available on the ERIC Web site in full-text. New content is being added monthly thanks to the enthusiastic response we've received from the education community.

If you or someone you know has work in ERIC that is available in microfiche only, please visit the ERIC digitization page to learn how to grant permission to make your works available online in full-text. Granting permission will ensure that older materials are widely accessible

ERIC Updated

ERIC has released the Winter 2008 update to the Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors. The update includes term records amended to clarify usage, and adds 31 new synonyms (i.e., non-postable terms) that guide users to the appropriate search term(s). Six new Descriptors have been added to the Thesaurus, and four terms have been reinstated. For specifics, see the chart added to "Maintaining the ERIC Thesaurus" in the Help section of the ERIC Web site.

Search Shortcut Added for Regional Educational Laboratories

ERIC has added a feature to showcase U.S. Department of Education publications indexed in ERIC, starting with recent reports of the Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs). REL titles include Issues & Answers, a series on current education issues identified through lab outreach and requests for assistance.

A preconfigured search button is available on the ERIC Web site that returns a list of titles published by the RELs since the beginning of 2007. The ERIC citation for each REL report includes a PDF icon that retrieves the full text.

The ten RELs are sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance.

Call for Submissions

ERIC is actively seeking individual submissions of high-quality education-related materials for inclusion in the ERIC database. Individuals who authored research papers and other materials in 2002-2003 and were unable to submit their work during the transition are particularly encouraged to do so now using the online submission system available on the ERIC Web site.

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