February 27, 2008

TWU staff wear pink in support of anti-bullying

Alloway Library staff joined others on campus in an anti-bulllying campaign by wearing pink on Wednesday, February 27th.
BC Premier Gordon Campbell urged British Columbians to wear pink to work and school to mark what has now been proclaimed provincial anti-bullying day. The day is being marked in schools with discussions and other forms of awareness-raising.
Staff wore something pink to symbolize that they will not tolerate bullying anywhere. Visit here for more information.
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February 26, 2008

Video interfiling project completed.

Student Assistant Mahima Jacob spent part of her reading break moving videos in the library's media collection.

Alloway Library’s videorecording collection consists of over 4100 items in VHS and DVD formats. Following consultation with other media librarians, students and faculty the formats are now interfiled on the same shelves in the Audio-Visual Room on the upper level. Also included in the integration project were several dozen videorecordings with Dewey call numbers which are being assigned new Library of Congress call numbers. By integrating three collections into one, Alloway Library has made it easier for researchers to access visual media on a given topic.

February 25, 2008

Alloway Library’s ERIC (Educational Resources Information Centre) database has had several updates and enhancements recently.

ERIC Milestones

  • Over 36,700 new records added in 2007
  • 597 journals under agreement
  • 502 non-journal providers under agreement
  • Over 95,000 full text documents added
  • ERIC Web site enhancements
  • Education Level added to advanced search
  • Posting counts added to Thesaurus term records
  • Microfiche lists added to aid collection maintenance
  • Search shortcut for Regional Educational Laboratories' documents
  • Clarification of "Level" field
  • Enhancement to citation export, separating volume, issue, and page information into appropriate fields
  • Expanded options for sorting search results

ERIC Releases Lists of Digitized Microfiche

In response to inquiries from former microfiche subscribers such as Alloway Library, ERIC is providing lists of microfiche documents now available in electronic format. The lists include more than 100,000 documents that have been available on the ERIC Web site since 2004, and thousands more that have been converted from microfiche as part of the ongoing ERIC Microfiche Digitization Project. ERIC will provide a list online with each release of newly digitized documents.

ERIC began the New Year by adding over 31,000 full-text documents previously available only on microfiche. To date, more than 95,000 digitized documents have been made available on the ERIC Web site in full-text. New content is being added monthly thanks to the enthusiastic response we've received from the education community.

If you or someone you know has work in ERIC that is available in microfiche only, please visit the ERIC digitization page to learn how to grant permission to make your works available online in full-text. Granting permission will ensure that older materials are widely accessible

ERIC Updated

ERIC has released the Winter 2008 update to the Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors. The update includes term records amended to clarify usage, and adds 31 new synonyms (i.e., non-postable terms) that guide users to the appropriate search term(s). Six new Descriptors have been added to the Thesaurus, and four terms have been reinstated. For specifics, see the chart added to "Maintaining the ERIC Thesaurus" in the Help section of the ERIC Web site.

Search Shortcut Added for Regional Educational Laboratories

ERIC has added a feature to showcase U.S. Department of Education publications indexed in ERIC, starting with recent reports of the Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs). REL titles include Issues & Answers, a series on current education issues identified through lab outreach and requests for assistance.

A preconfigured search button is available on the ERIC Web site that returns a list of titles published by the RELs since the beginning of 2007. The ERIC citation for each REL report includes a PDF icon that retrieves the full text.

The ten RELs are sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance.

Call for Submissions

ERIC is actively seeking individual submissions of high-quality education-related materials for inclusion in the ERIC database. Individuals who authored research papers and other materials in 2002-2003 and were unable to submit their work during the transition are particularly encouraged to do so now using the online submission system available on the ERIC Web site.

Contributed by ERIC

February 22, 2008

Research book clears away the fog

Bill Badke, TWU Associate Librarian, has just published the third edition of his book, Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog (Lincoln, NE: iUniverse.com, 2008). Now 32% larger and fully updated, the book serves as a guide to every form of informational research. Research Strategies bills itself as being, "as friendly as a puppy, as informative as your friend's Facebook account, and as helpful as a personal servant."
With sales of the second edition coming close to 9,000 copies, Badke's textbook is in wide use around the world.

February 21, 2008

New eBooks added in February 2008

Here are 35 new e-book titles added to Alloway Library’s collection. The titles include 6 linguistics titles purchased by TWU as well as items shared through the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries. (COPPUL) consortium,

Click on the titles to access the catalogue record and a link to the eBook.

E-Titles purchased by TWU:

Frequency of use and the organization of language

Grammatical relations

Teacher language awareness

Tense, mood and aspect: theoretical and descriptive issues

The origins of meaning

Translation: theory and practice: a historical reader

E-Titles contributed by other COPPUL member institutions:

Aging of the genome: the Dual Role of the DNA in Life and Death

Animal rights and moral philosophy

Aristotle and the science of nature

The artful mind: cognitive science and the riddle of human creativity

Banking in Central and Eastern Europe 1980-2006

Bioethics and armed conflict

Bioethics and the brain

Biosocialities, genetics and the social sciences

Built by animals: the Natural History of Animal Architecture

Chaos: A Very Short Introduction

Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction

Descartes’ theory of mind

Dialogues in urban and regional planning

Don't call it sprawl: metropolitan structure in the twenty-first century

Elements of justice

Elgar companion to neo-Schumpeterian economics

Employment research and state traditions

Environmental impacts of ecotourism

Family farms: Survival and Prospect: a World-wide Analysis

The genesis of industrial America, 1870-1920

A glossary of historical linguistics

A history of the English language

The knowing organization: How Organizations Use Information to Construct Meaning, Create knowledge, and Make Decisions

Leadership: The Key Concepts

Opportunities in gerontology and aging services careers

The popular policeman and other cases: psychological perspectives on legal evidence

Two hundred years of accounting research

Utopia antiqua: Readings of the Golden Age and Decline at Rome

The witness stand: a guide for clinical social workers in the courtroom

February 20, 2008

Online journals get used- a lot!

Question: How many times were Alloway Library’s online journals accessed via the EBSCOhost databases in the first month of the term?

Answer: 1845 titles were searched a total of 8968 times during the month of Jan 2008.

(Imagine a stack of magazines over 38 feet high and you get an idea of 1845 titles! To shelve those 8968 items would take about 49 hours if you could shelve 3 per minute.)

The ten most-used titles.

  1. American Psychologist
  2. Harvard Business Review
  3. Christianity Today
  4. Christian Century
  5. Maclean's
  6. Journal Of Personality & Social Psychology
  7. Journal Of Consulting & Clinical Psychology
  8. International Journal of Systematic Theology.
  9. Psychological Assessment
  10. Developmental Psychology
50 titles had 30 or more uses.
199 titles were searched 10 times or more.

725 titles were searched just once. A sample of those titles indicate the breadth of study at TWU: The Journal Of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine; International Journal Of The Classical Tradition; Teaching Artist Journal, Scottish Geographical Journal; Journal Of Brand Management.

If you are not using this resource, talk to an Alloway Librarian to get started.

Contributed by Ted Goshulak, University Librarian

February 19, 2008

Oxford Reference Online has been updated

Alloway Library's quarterly update to Oxford Reference Online: Premium is now available at the library’s website.

The latest update includes four superb titles, containing plenty of fascinating and scholarly content, focusing mainly on quotations and world history and politics.

There are two new titles — The Oxford Companion to Australian Politics and The Oxford Dictionary of American Quotations; — which contain outstanding content, boasting comprehensive and authoritative coverage of Australian political life and thought, and a rich array of American quotations. Subscribers also benefit from two new editions — The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and A Dictionary of Contemporary World History.

In addition to these new titles, this update offers further progress with linking together of all the biographical entries in the Premium Collection, with an extra 15,000+ new links added. That brings the current total to over 20,000! Browsing and exploring the people included in Premium Collection is now even easier and more satisfying — visit entries for John Adams, Louisa May Alcott, or Robert Fabyan to get a taste of this outstanding new functionality!

Another exciting update to the Premium Collection is the addition of three fantastic new timelines — Settlements of North America, The American Revolution and The American Civil War. These provide a chronological account of events in North America from 1200 BCE to 1877, with each moment linked to an entry in a trusted Oxford title in the Premium Collection.

Oxford University Press

February 18, 2008

New videorecordings (part 12) Science Titles

Since the end of January we have been highlighting new videorecordings; today is the last list from the the batch of nearly 200 titles that have been added to the catalogue.

If you see a title you want, click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.

The Classification of Living Things this two-part series introduces the taxonomic systems used by scientists to identify and categorize the Earth's abundant life forms.

Evolution and phylogenetics illustrates how molecular techniques are now combined with fossil evidence to explore relationships in organisms from whales to anthrax,

Evolution: Fossils, genes and mousetraps Leading evolution educator Ken Miller discusses the controversy surrounding the teaching of evolution.

Evolution: constant change and common threads discusses how Charles Darwin's ideas about evolution ignited a revolution in biology that continues to this day.

Farming the seas many experts now believe that some forms of "fish farming" are actually creating more problems than they're solving.

Fungi: decomposers and parasites Examines how fungi obtain nutrients either through parasitic or mutualistic relationships or decomposing dead bodies, and their economic, ecological, and health impacts.

Genetically modified organisms Genetic modification, its processes, and its common applications in agriculture, industry and medicine.

Genetics of development explores how organisms as different as flies, fish, and humans share a set of genes, known as a genetic toolkit, which guides development.

Genomics Having determined the complete DNA nucleotide sequence of humans and several other organisms, today’s research has shifted to identifying genes and determining their functions

Glycolysis & cellular respiration Explores the endosymbiotic hypothesis which offers an explanation of how photosynthesis and cellular respiration arose in eukaryotic cells.

Human evolution Mitochondrial Eve and other fossil clues that increasingly point to Africa as the point of origin of our species.

Introducing A Rocha A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organisation,

Lies in the Textbooks creation scientist Kent Hovind reveals the truth about evolution

Net loss : the storm over salmon farming Probes one of the most important and cautionary tales for the future relationship between humanity and the sea

Ontario's Biodiversity An introduction to the Ontario Species At Risk program

Photosynthesis How scientists unraveled the mystery of photosynthesis.

Plasma membranes Cell wall structure and the major functions of cellular membranes

Proteins and proteomics explores the varying complements of proteins and their effects, structures, and interactions within the mechanism of cell function,

Suzuki Speaks Dr David Suzuki delivers the most important message of his career.

Watching Sparrows travel from desert canyons and coastal dunes to Alaskan mountainsides and Arctic tundra to hear the songs and explore the lives of 46 species of sparrows, towhees, juncos, and longspurs.

Watching Warblers the lives of 38 warbler species that nest in Eastern North America.

February 16, 2008

New Videorecordings; Earth Sciences, History, Political Science

We have almost completed the listing of nearly 200 new videorecordings added to the catalogue. Here are history, geography and political science titles.

If you see a title you want, click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.

Water under fire series: Current perspective on many of the challenges plaguing our nation's water.View series promo clip

  • Maritimes; Atlantic rivers face all the same biologic, chemical and physical challenges of rivers across the nation, but the areas are smaller and the economies less diverse.
  • The North
  • Prairies; starts in the Alberta Rockies where snow-melt plunges off the alpine slopes to form the major tributaries of the South Saskatchewan River System.
  • Rockies; Steps have been taken to reduce the stress, but will they help before the Fraser River suffers ecological collapse?
  • St. Lawrence; What are we doing wrong in the St. Lawrence River?
  • The Great Lakes The Great Lakes comprise the largest fresh water system in the world. The basin is home to Canada's largest urban population, which exacts a toll on the lakes. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals are flushed into the lakes, altering the health of all species in the water.
  • National perspective Asks "What do Canadians think about water?"

On the Edge of Destruction: Frank Slide story Explores the amazing coincidences and explains the geological conditions that all came together during 90 seconds of landslide. View clip

Our Children's Planet Part of the Great Warming series

From the popular Wings over Canada TV series Wings Over Canada: Best of BC; Wings Over Canada: Gold Seekers , Wings Over Canada: Season Eight

First Journey, Fort William recreates life in 1815 at a remote trading post near Lake Winnipeg, in Montreal, and at the Company's lavish wilderness headquarters at Fort William near Lake Superior. View clip

Fundamental Freedoms the history of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the struggle surrounding the ratification of the document and the importance of the Charter in today's multicultural society.

Go Do Some Great Great Thing In the spring of 1858 the Governor of the British colony of Vancouver Island needed protection, and the Black community of San Francisco wanted freedom from racial political persecution.

In the Public Interest; the public hearing process

Other Side of the Ledger The Hudson's Bay Company's 300th anniversary celebration was no occasion for joy among the people whose lives were tied to the trading stores. This film presents the view of spokesmen for Canadian Indian and Metis groups.

Proudly Serving Canadians; Canadian Forces year in review

Survivors of the Red Brick School Survivors from Kootenay Indian School in Cranbrook, B.C. confront their fears by returning to the residential school they attended while they were children.

The Great Enterprise (Canada: A People's History) The story of Confederation, its supporters and its bitter foes, is told against a backdrop of U.S. Civil War and Britain's growing determination to be rid of its expensive, ungrateful colonies.

Thirst A piercing look at the global corporate drive to control and profit from our water -- from bottles to tap.

Vietnam's Unseen War British war correspondent, Tim Page, returns to Vietnam to talk with Vietnamese photojournalists to share their personal experiences of the Vietnamese Conflict through their photographs.

World Stopped Watching a moving testament to the hardships faced by the Nicaraguan people now that Washington's foreign policy elite has shifted its attention elsewhere.

February 15, 2008

New Education and Religious Studies videorecordings

We have been featuring the nearly 200 titles recently added to Alloway Library's catalouge. Today we feature mostly education and Christian life titles

If you see a title you want, click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.


How To Effectively Involve Parents in the Classroom This video offers lots of practical and proven strategies.

How To Informally Assess Student Learning a video program that explores informal assessment techniques teachers can use for any grade level and subject area to determine students' needs and adjust instruction to meet those needs.

How To make Homework More Meaningful by Involving Parents Strategies for initiating and encouraging family participation

How To Spiral Questions to Provoke Student Thinking The technique of using a spiraling sequence of questions is an effective way to involve more students in learning and promote deeper understanding of the subject matter.

How to teach critical thinking the issues of logic, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. and how these skills can be incorporated into the teaching of students.

Women and Islam: Islam unveiled pt.1 & 2
challenges Western understanding of Islam by providing alternative perspectives to widely held Western assumptions Filmed in Britain, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey.


Renovare titles. For three days in June 2005 participants at the Renovare International Conference addressed one primary question: How does the Bible serve as the primary written resource for transforming our hearts and minds into the very nature of the heart and mind of God?

Questions & Answers for two evenings, Ravi Zacharias answers hard-hitting questions from a student-packed auditorium at the University of Illinois.

Trees Do our lives really matter? like all the NOOMA series, this comes in English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish

February 14, 2008

An invitation to help

Last week tornados ripped through the southern US. Union University (a Coalition of Christian Colleges and University member with TWU) in Jackson, Tennessee was hit hard, suffering damage to 31 of its 42 buildings. Union president David Dockery writes that “fifty-one students were taken to the hospital, nine of whom suffered serious injury. By God’s providence, no lives were lost.”
Next week, on February 20 Union students plan to go back to classes meeting in improvised facilities. Many of those students will be without textbooks because nearly all of student housing was devastated by the storm.
University Librarian Ted Goshulak invites the TWU community to assist the UU community as it recovers by joining with other institutions in a textbook drive. Alloway Library will accept donations of textbooks listed on the UURecovery site as well as cash donations to assist with shipping costs. Donations should be received by March 1, 2008 so they can shipped promptly.
Union University Library director Steve L. Baker comments, “We have been amazed and humbled by the outpouring of prayers and offers of assistance. Poet Anna Kamienska says in the first line of her poem Gratitude: “The tempest threw a rainbow in my face.” In the face of this disaster we are ever mindful of God's promises.”

New Videorecordings (Part 8) Social Sciences titles

OK, it's February 14, so here are some new video titles that deal with all kinds of human relationships.

If you see a title you want, click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.

Gender and relationships Explores the differences in the ways that men and women experience love relationships.

The human mind and how to make the most of it. Series includes 3 titles: Making friends Professor Robert Winston reveals what happens when we meet, talk and argue - and how to tell whether you are getting on with someone and what to do about it if you are not. Personality what it is that makes us who we are and uncovers the universal battle we face to master our emotions and control our behaviour? Get Smart what happens in our minds when we learn, remember and have original ideas.

Sex, Love, & Relationships the physical, emotional, spiritual and character consequences of teen involvement in sexual activity.

Wings Like a Dove hope and healing to abused women and valuable information for religious and community groups.

World Without Fathers or Husbands the Mosuo people, a matriarchal and matrilocal subgroup of the Naxi living in Yunnan Province where there are no fathers, husbands or marriages

My ancestors were rogue and murderers a thoughtful contribution to the debate on Canada's seal hunt. View clips

Harm Reduction Describes some of the challenges facing the non-prescription needle user, and emphasizes how harm reduction techniques can and do effect positive change - decreasing the devastating human and economic burden addictions place on society.

Northern Portraits one hour collection of biographical vignettes on the lifestyles and spirits of Canadian women.

Reservation. Part I Life on the Esketemc-Shuswap First Nations reserve near Williams Lake, B.C. Reservation. Part II, Reservation. Part III, Reservation. Part IV, Reservation. Part V

Two World Colliding two police officers in Saskatoon dumping aboriginals in a barren field on the city outskirts at below freezing temperatures. View excerpt

Wards of the Crown Follows four youths for 10 months as they prepare to leave foster care.

Whatever You Did for one... a video of volunteers and former prisoners. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of The M2/W2 Association, a restorative Christian ministry in prison settings,

February 13, 2008

More New Videos

There are still 88 new videorecordings to tell you about! Here are some Business, Literature, film, art and photography titles.

If you see a title you want click on the title to see the library's record; if the item status is in cataloguing click on the request link and we will have it ready for you, usually by the next business day.

Business Titles

Three titles from Christian Management Institute: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Office with Jerry Jenkins; Getting Unstuck and Risking Change with Carolyn Koons and Silent Victory with Charlie Wedemeyer, a former high school teacher and football coach, famous for continuing to teach and coach after contracting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Ray Kroc: Fast food McMillionaire. Filled with interviews, archival footage and visits to the most important McDonald's of all, this is a sizzling portrait of a true business legend.


Three more from The Shields Stories series based on Carol Shields short stories: A Wood ; Eccentric musical prodigies find themselves at a crossroads Windows Two artists struggle against a new government tax on glass and have to paint in artificial light. Various Miracles the various miracles of everyday life, Eccentric musical prodigies find themselves at a crossroads.

Granular synthesis: Immersive works GRANULAR SYNTHESIS create electronic emotion machines, that surround, immerse their audience, overwhelm the human sensory apparatus by massive use of subsonic and penetrating light frequencies, literally touching the visitors.

Mendelssohn: gala concert

Passage to India David Lean's tale of the Raj based on E.M Forster's novel.

Passion and Revolution and A new vision History of Western art ; v. 5-6

Reading Alistair MacLeod Writers such as Margaret Atwood, David Adams Richards, and Russell Banks read favourite passages of his works and share personal stories.

Richard Avedon: Darkness and light fashion and portraiture photographer

Tennessee Williams: Wounded Genius. Makes the case that his early years gave him the material for his meteoric rise to success in the worlds of stage and film, but also laid the groundwork for the personal problems that would eventually be his downfall.

War Photographer James Nachtwey goes from Kosovo to the West Bank to Indonesia as he searches for pictures he can publish. This committed, shy man, is considered one of the bravest and most important war photographers of our time.


Hollywood Camera Work; The Master Course In High-End Blocking And Staging is the most comprehensive and ambitious directing dourse in the world. A groundbreaking learning tool, the course teaches high-end camera work through over 9 hours of 3D animated instruction. View sample clips

Untold Stories: creative consequences of the rights clearance culture. The implications of the rights clearance process on the creative experience of independent, professional documentary filmmakers.

Werner Nold the largely unrecognized art of film editing. View excerpt