January 31, 2008

New Videorecordings added to the collection (part 2)

Another dozen new videorecordings from the stack of 171 which have just been added to the catalogue.

Age of Splendor part of The History of Western Art series.

Age of uncertainty
Reveals various consequences of climate change through the stories of people already living through them, emphasizing that climate change is not just global warming. Part of The Great Warming series.

Bacteria, archaebacteria, and the prokaryotic domains

Bhopal: the search for justice. Explores The continuing cover-up, analyzes the prospect for environmental and human justice in Bhopal, and exposes the responsibility of the multinational corporations.

Biochemistry. I and Biochemistry. II Part I Describes the basic structure of atoms and how ions are formed as atoms gain or lose electrons. Investigates molecules and the covalent bonds that hold them together. Part II Explains how polymers are synthesized out of smaller monomers through dehydration reactions that release H2O molecules in the process.

Biodiversity Current extinction rates exceed those of previous mass extinctions, many biodiversity studies focus on efforts to count the Earth's species before they are lost.

Biology of sex and gender examines recent findings which have challenged previous beliefs about the roles of anatomy, environment, and genetics in the determination of gender, and the evolution of sexual determination.

Boys will be men explores the terrors and triumphs of growing up male in America and suggests ways to help guide the journey to adulthood.

FINTRAC The Case Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada presentation on your role in fighting money laundering. View online here

Cell biology and cancer reviews how cancers result when genes required for normal cell function are mutated.

Cells: structure of life Explains the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and then explores in detail the structure and function of the major organelles found in eukaryotic cells.

Crapshoot: gamble with our wastes Is the sewer is actually compounding our waste problems?

Thanks to David Thompson for compiling this list for Alloway Library News

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