January 30, 2008

New Videorecordings added to the collection

A backlog of nearly 200 videorecordings in DVD and VHS format have been catalogued and are now available. (Titles may be listed as in cataloguing; make a request and they will be ready for check-out the following business day)

The Age of the Earth Dr Kent Hovind refutes the proposition that the earth has evolved over billions of years.

Albert Einstein an A&E Biography of the first superstar of modern science.

At home with God and Being the people of God Two of many titles on spiritual life from Renovare.

Beyond good and evil : children, media and violent times Examines how the "good and evil" rhetoric, in both the entertainment and the news media, is affecting society's perceptions.

The burning question mountain pine beetle and fire in our forests.

The Canadians and the liberation of Europe 1939-1945

Clean technologies Canadian innovation leads the way.

Containment level 3 laboratories intended to familiarize biosafety professionals, containment level 3 facility users and managers and other personnel working in or managing a level 3 facility, with biosafety operational concepts.

Dead in the water the privatization of the world's water.

Deadly persuasion Jean Kilbourne uses examples taken from real advertising to illustrate her argument which is that both the tobacco and the alcohol industry exploit the addictiveness of their products creating life threatening dependencies.

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