January 28, 2008

Email notification is on!

Email notification to borrowers was officially turned on late last week. Alloway Library patrons with an active and working email address in their borrower account will start receiving library notices via email.

This project is still a work-in-progress. We are experimenting with the format of the notices, and there are several glitches that we're trying to work through. But rather than wait until we have a perfect product, we have decided to do a 'soft launch' of the service and use this initial phase for testing.

We invite your help to let us know what's working and what's not, and what needs improvement.

Here are a few known issues.

1. Why are some patrons still not getting notices via email?

  • The patron must have a current, working email address entered in their Horizon borrower record before emails will reach them. Log in to “My Account” in the library’s catalogue to see and update your Profile
  • Patrons with no email address on file, or if the email address is incorrect or inactive will continue to receive print notices via campus mail.

2. The format of some email notices doesn't look very pretty.

  • Formatting email notices on Horizon is a time-consuming challenge for even minor adjustments such as the spacing in a sentence. We are aware of this problem and will continue to tweak it in future.
  • Many notices have been rewritten with more appropriate language for each situation.

3. Will the library send reminders before the due date?

  • We are working on implementing advance notification.

While there are still issues to work out, the light at the end of the tunnel is within sight. We are confident that the effort it has taken to implement email notification will provide great benefits to library users

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Anonymous said...

This is a tremendous step forward!

Thanks to all who put the time and hard work in to make this happen...