December 07, 2007

Student researchers present results of library perception and awarness surveys

In response to a request from Alloway Library, students in the Business 430 Marketing Research class, under the guidance of Professor Don Hill, developed a strategy to explore the library’s marketing research needs. The library had already looked at many secondary sources and studies so this project focused specifically on TWU students’ perceptions and awareness of library services and resources.

Through online and in-person surveys, the BUSI 430 researchers gathered data from 267 respondents. They also worked with focus groups to more closely examine several areas of interest. The end product was a 177 page document presented to library personnel last week. Library staff were pleased with the researchers' work and are examining the data and recommendations closely.

Researchers reported "excellent levels of student awareness of resources and service," and that "the general sentiment is that students are satisfied with the performance of the library." They then made twelve recommendations, identifying opportunities for improvement in the following areas: online catalogue search engine, library layout, promotion of services, study carrel lighting, photocopy cards, variety of reference materials, service offered by the reference desk, strategies involving misplaced books, hours of operation, and customer service skills.

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