December 04, 2007

New E-Books added to the catalogue

More e-books have been added to Alloway Library’s online catalogue this week. These titles are made available through TWU’s membership in COPPUL (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) and from ACLS- HEB (American Council of Learned Societies., History E-Book Project).

E-books are much more then text on a screen. Librarian Shirley Lee found it particularly interesting to see full illustrations and film clips in Wonder shows: performing science, magic, and religion in America . “But you know what's even cooler?” she asks, “There are actual music clips embedded into the full text of the book which the reader can listen to!” Check out Yellowface: creating the Chinese in American popular music and performance, 1850s-1920s to see an example.

Several of the titles added will be of interest to researcher in nursing and health care:

Other new e-book titles include:

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