December 19, 2007

Baby Week benefits Langley Families

Alloway Library's Baby Week has come to a successful close. Thank you to everyone that contributed.

For each of the 76 items donated the library forgave up to $2 in overdue fines. The little jars of baby food, tiny socks, sleepers, bibs, shampoos and other baby-related items brought in filled two stout boxes. As well, money paid to clear fines and directed to the Baby Week campaign fund amounted to another $178.11 in cold hard cash. All proceeds have been handed over to the Langley Food Bank to benefit needy babies and their families in our community.

Baby Week organizer Janet Kreiter notes that "It is more than they might have had if we did nothing, and that makes it a success in my eyes. The opportunity was there to be used if anyone who wished and some did happily.”

“I had one young fellow bring in a whole bag of items,” she adds. “When I inquired about who had done the shopping, he told me that he had gone shopping himself. The selection of items was very interesting and very pleasing and I told him so!"

This is the third time that Alloway Library has run a fine amnesty campaign to benefit the Langley Food bank. Kreiter acknowledges the support of Librarians Ted Goshulak and Ron Braid for supporting the idea (and for not minding a playpen in the library for 2 weeks!)

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