August 27, 2007

Ahhh... the smell of books!

August 23, 2007 (SALT LAKE CITY) – College students are most likely to characterize smell as the physical quality of books they most love according to the results of a Zogby poll commissioned by CaféScribe (, a newly launched web site that sells electronic textbooks. Why do we love books so much? Perhaps it's the smell.In a survey of 600 college students 43% identified smell –- either new book smell or old -- as the thing they most love about books as physical objects.

3 in 10 of the surveyed students associated “mustiness” with the books they most loved, although 16% -- possibly those most likely to hit the books early in the day – associated best-loved books with the smell of “freshly-ground coffee.” Other smells mostly failed to bring books to mind, although respondents were more likely to associate pleasant smells (cut grass, freshly baked bread, cookies baking) with books than unpleasant ones (sweat, mildew, grease).

In an attempt to win over skeptical college students, Café today announced plans to launch the world's first smelly e-book. Café CEO Bryce Johnson says that beginning in the back-to-school month of September the company will send every e-textbook purchaser a scratch & sniff sticker with a certifiably musty “old book” smell.

“Students who use CaféScribe download our software to read and annotate e-textbooks and other documents on their laptops,” explains Johnson. “By placing these stickers on their computers they can give their e-books the same musty book smell they know and love from used textbooks – without any of the residual DNA you sometimes find stuck to the pages of used textbooks.”

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August 01, 2007

Access to E-Journals Via Alloway Library's Catalogue

Alloway Librarians have improved the TWU Library catalogue to make it easier for researchers to find journals available from Alloway Library. Until recently, users could find a journal title only through the Journal List page, but now journals are also listed in the catalogue along with books, electronic resources and audiovisual items.

Student reading on a bench ca 1960's TWU Archives

This feature is especially useful for accessing journals in electronic formats. The catalogue record will have a full description of the journal, subject headings and a direct link to the database that holds the journal.

Submitted by Shirley Lee