July 31, 2007

Newly Acquired books with enhanced records in the library's catalogue

Here's the last 13 titles from a list 70 newly acquired books which we have been highlighting over the past week.

These books all have full records in the library's catalogue and several have enhanced records which means that you can not only see the usual detals such as author, title and subject headings but also links to biographies, publisher's information --blurbs-- and in some cases even extracts from the book to read on-line.

Take a look at the examples here and get a better understanding of the difference between a brief record, a full record and an enhanced record. (Remember that these titles are newly acquired which means you will need to request them online and allow one working day for library staff to process your request.)

The brief record for Talk to the hand only shows the title, author and ISBN (International Standard Book Number.) Staff in Alloway Library's Technical Services Department will add subject headings, publishing information and things like the number of pages and height of the book. ( More info on this great book)

Once the record is complete it will look more like the record for Maria Mitchell : the soul of an astronomer which will look "normal" to most library users. (More info on this book)

Click on Alloway Library's enhanced catalogue record for
Dating dead men and find links to the publisher's description, sample text, a brief biographical sketch and the author's website.

Take a look at these other new titles with enhanced records:

Devil in the white city : murder, magic, and madness at the fair that changed America Erkik Larson

Distant shore Phillips, Caryl.

Europe central Vollmann, William T.

Into thin air Krakauer, Jon.

The books listed below have conventional full records including subject headings; we found more information about the book using Google.

Alchemy of nine dimensions : decoding the vertical axis, crop circles, and the Mayan Calendar Clow, Barbara Hand. ( More info)

Birds of a feather Winspear, Jacqueline. (More info)

The Sea Banville, John. (More info)

This blinding absence of light Jelloun, Tahar Ben. (More info)

Year of magical thinking Didion, Joan. (More info)

July 27, 2007

New books, part 3

Twelve more new titles, some challenging, some surprising, some enlightening and possibly one just right for your summer reading. Click on the title link to request these Newly Acquired titles and allow one business day for processing.

Reading Nietzsche : an analysis of beyond good and evil Burnham, Douglas. (More info)

Repairing Eden : humility, mysticism, and the existential problem of religious diversity McLeod-Harrison, Mark S. (More info)

Ride the rising wind Kingscote, Barbara. (More info)

See what I'm saying : spiritual poetry with a vision Walker, Barbertha. (More info)

Sick of shadows McCrumb, Sharyn. (More info)

Silence Feldman, Christina. (More info)

Sky burial : an epic love story of Tibet Xue, Xinran. (More info)

Small island Levy, Andrea. (More info)

Something in this book is true Frisell, Bob. (More info)

Spirit lives in the mind : Omushkego stories, lives, and dreams Bird, Louis. (More info)

Steampunk trilogy Di Filippo, Paul. (More info)

Summer of Marco Polo Manuel, Lynn. (More info)

Library closures and service disruptions

Please note several changes to service at Alloway Library during the next few weeks:
  • AskAway will be closed August 4 to September 16. All the usual TWU-specific services should be working, including the Infodesk email, but the province-wide live chat service will not be available until the fall term is underway.
  • The University Archives will be closed July 28 to August 13, inclusive
  • Alloway Library is closed on statutory holidays August 6 and September 3 as well as August 20 and August 28 for TWU community Day and Library staff professional development day.
By September 6 Alloway Library will once again provide extended hours of service.

Summer Reading part 2

Over the next few days, we are highlighting 70 new titles that just might make your vacation more enjoyable or informed.

(To get any of these 17 newly acquired titles listed here, you will need to click on the title and then click on the request copy link in the catalogue record. Requests usually take one working day to process.)

Gilead : a novel Robinson, Marilynne. (More info)

Going for the record Swanson, Julie A. (More info)

The Golden spruce : a true story of myth, madness, and greed Vaillant, John. (More info)

The Harmony silk factory Aw, Tash. (More info)

Homer the odyssey Griffin, Jasper. (More info)

I was a teenage Katima-victim Ferguson, Will. (More info)

Inside Harvey, Kenneth J. (More info)

Jade peony Choy, Wayson. (More info)

Jesse tree : JESSE TREE Mccaughrean, Geraldine. (More info)

Jihad Bonney, Richard. (More info)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Clarke, Susanna. (More info)

The Known world : a novel Jones, Edward P. (More info)

Lonesome : memoirs of a wilderness dog Czajkowski, Chris. (More info)

Masada Miklowitz, Gloria D. (More info)

Not exactly normal Brown, Devin. (More info)

Old house of fear Kirk, Russell. (More info)

Overcoming overeating Hirschmann, Jane R. (More info)

Paladin of souls Bujold, Lois McMaster. (More info)

Perfect night to go to China Gilmour, David. (More info)

Princess Ka'iulani Linnea, Sharon. (More info)

July 26, 2007

Summer Reading

Fiction anyone?

Every summer the reference desk gets requests for a list of fiction titles that students and faculty can enjoy for leisure reading. This summer, Alloway Library has added a number of fiction titles that we are sure our patrons will be pleasantly surprised to find in our collection.

Over the next week, we'll share a list of some 70 new titles we think you'll enjoy (mostly fiction, but with a few intriguing non-fiction titles thrown in.) Click on the title to see the catalouge record or the more info link to see what others are saying about the book. Then, stop by Alloway Library before you head out for your vacation and walk away with brand new fiction (or nonfiction) to enjoy!

(To get any of these 17 newly acquired titles listed here, you will need to click on the title and then click on the request copy link in the catalogue record. Requests usually take one working day to process.)

Applying nature's design : corridors as a strategy for biodiversity Anderson, Anthony B. (More info)

Attack of the turtle Carlson, Drew. (More info)

Complicated kindness Toews, Miriam. (More info)

Creatures of the deep : in search of the sea's 'monsters' and the world Hoyt, Erich. (More info)

Cricket winter Holman, Felice. (More info)

Dare to be free Thomas, W. B. (More info)

Diagnosing genius : the life and death of Beethoven Mai, Francois Martin. (More info)

Dog of knots Kaplan, Kathy Walden. (More info)

Effigy York, Alissa. (More info)

End of the alphabet Richardson, C. S. (More info)

Enemy has a face Miklowitz, Gloria D. (More info)

Eve Green Fletcher, Susan. (More info)

Fanciulla fate Dell, Jean. (More info)

First they killed my father : a daughter of Cambodia remembers Ung, Loung. (More info)

Fish : a remarkable way to boost morale and improve results Lundin, Stephen C. (More info)

Floor sample Cameron, Julia. (More info)

Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything Levitt, Steven. (More info)

Friendly fire : the untold story of the U.S. bombing that killed four Canadian Soldiers Frisconalti, Michael. (More info)

We'll continue our list of new titles on the next post.