June 29, 2007

Alloway Library's big book sale continues

Several hundred more books have been added to the Alloway Library's book sale this past week. During the summer, the sale has spread out with some 1500 books sorted onto tables and shelves on the library's main level. Hardcover items are $1 and softcovers only $.50.

June 27, 2007

"Unshelved" is correct

Another comic strip from Unshelved, spoofing Apple Computers' "I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC" commercials and highlighting the differences between libraries and the internet. (Something we've discussed here.) Visit the Unshelved website to see the full strip.

June 25, 2007

Unshelved gets it

Unshelved is a witty comic strip (and blog) created by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum that is wise in the way of libraries. Today's strip echoes what Alloway librarians teach daily and this blog has highlighted often. (Visit the Unshelved site to see the final frame!)

June 12, 2007

Oxford Reference online gets updates

Updates to Alloway Library's subscription to Oxford Reference Online: Premium are now available. The updates include improvements to the interface and 8 new or revised reference works.

By popular demand, Premium now offers enhanced search results. Dictionary entries are contained in a new 'Quick Definition' box at the top of the page, meaning reference results are now displayed more prominently - allowing your users faster access to Premium's outstanding content. Click here for an example of this great new feature.

Navigation of articles with sub-entries is now easier than ever before! A new right-hand sidebar details the title of each section and displays both the first few words and a link through to the full text, further linking content together for ease of research. Click here for an example.

From natural history to classics, our latest additions are sure to please!

The New Encyclopedia of Birds is the definitive single-volume guide to birds of the world.

Encyclopedia of Underwater Life offers unrivalled coverage of the fish and aquatic invertebrates that inhabit our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World presents more than 2,500 accessible and wide-ranging entries on the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.

The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction, the first historical dictionary devoted to this topic, shows the development of science-fiction words and their associated concepts over time, with full citations and bibliographic information.

A Dictionary of Public Health covers all aspects of public health, and contains an alphabetical listing of almost 5,000 words and phrases used in public health science and practice

NEW EDITIONS of three classic Oxford reference titles are also now available:

Oxford Guide to Countries of the World

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music

Concise Oxford Medical Dictionary

Additionally, two new TIMELINES have been added for Ireland and Modern Design, further expanding this great Premium feature. For more information on the new functionality and content, be sure to visit the website and learn What's New!

(Contributed by Oxford University Press)

June 07, 2007

Making Room for Growth

Over the past week Alloway Librarians have been working book-by-book through the Dewey Books collection and removing material which is outdated or does not support TWU's academic programs.

This weeding of the collection was necessary in order to accommodate Alloway Library's growing collection of resources. Last year, an estimated 1200 books--the equivalent of 40 full shelves-- were added to the library's Main Stacks collection on the upper level alone! To gain even more space, Dewey Books with call numbers ranging between 300 to 999 are being moved to the area in front of the Microform room on the library's main level. By weeding and moving a portion of the collection to the main level the library gains nearly 120 empty shelves on the upper level, sufficient room for growth for another year or two.

The Dewey Collection has been an important part of Alloway Library's resources for over 15 years and consists of over 40,000 books from the former Northwest Baptist Theological College as well as ACTS (Associated Canadian Theological Schools) material acquired prior to 2000. "Dewey" refers to the Dewey Decimal cataloguing/call number system which was used for classifying this material. In the Dewey system, call numbers in the 200 range deal with Religious topics. Call numbers in the 300- 900 range cover subjects in Social Sciences, Humanities and Sciences and Technology. As a seminary library collection much of Alloway Library's Dewey Books were in the 200's

The Dewey Books collection is gradually being integrated into the library's Main Stacks. This process entails evaluating, recataloguing and assigning Library of Congress call numbers to each volume.