May 24, 2007

Items added to sale shelves

Over the past week more than 6 shelves full of material has been added to the sale shelves on Alloway Library's main level. Hardcover items are just $1 and softcover material only $.50.

May 23, 2007

Your Alloway Library Pivileges May Expire Soon

Take a good look at your TWU ID card. If your card says 05/07 your library privileges end soon.
Students taking summer classes should obtain a validation sticker from the Summer Learning Commons or Enrolment Services to update their card and then visit the library to renew their borrowing privileges.

As a courtesy, the library will also renew privileges to students registered for TWU fall classes but not taking summer courses.

Staff and faculty cards expire at the end of August, but Alloway Library staff can renew library privileges through to August 2008 for employees who obtain new 08/08 expiry stickers from their faculty assistants or the Front Desk.

May 17, 2007

Alloway Staff greet golfers at TWU WirelessWave tourney

Warm smiles and hot coffee chased the chills at Westwood's 4th hole. Pictured L-R 'Answer' Le Zhou, Sharon Vose, Shawn Brouwer, Janet Kreiter, Ted Goshulak. Photo by Romalie Murphy.

On May 4th, six Alloway Library staff members spent a day at the scenic fourth hole of Westwood Plateau Golf Course. We weren't practicing our swing however, we were meeting and greeting golfers who were taking part in the 13th annual TWU WirelessWave Golf Tournament.

This was the second year that Alloway Library participated as hole hosts, welcoming players and presenting them with a tiny LED flashlight as a token of appreciation and a reminder of Alloway Library's vital role in illuminating and enlightening scholars. In spite of this year's cool mountaintop weather we enjoyed meeting the 144 golfers who teed off at our hole.

Westwood Plateau's 4th green, looking north to the tee box. Photo WPGCC

The University raised over $162,000 for TWU student-athlete scholarships and the Spartan Athletics’ Complete Champion Approach. (More)

May 16, 2007

TWU prof's book now in library

TWU Professor Emeritus John Anonby's new book The Kenyan Epic Novelist Ngugi: his secular reconfiguration of Biblical themes has arrived at Alloway Library and is being prepared for circulation. (At the time of writing, the item's status is Newly Acquired; use the Request copy link in the catalogue record to have it made available for you.)

Anonby's book focuses on one of Africa's major novelists, Ngugi wa Thiong'o who depicts and analyzes many of the tensions associated with the colonization of East Africa by Europeans.


“ elegant and insightful ... praiseworthy and valuable...” – (from the Foreword) Professor Deane Downey, Trinity Western University

“A fascinating read! Dr. Anonby’s keen insights into biblical literature, his cross-cultural Kenyan awareness and his love for Thiong’o’s literary works, provides the essential background to an accurate understanding of Ngugi’s novels ... Dr. Anonby’s book should be read by anyone interested in African history, politics and culture, for candid exposure to some of the rationale behind contemporary problems evident on the continent today." – Dr. Wilf Hildebrandt, Dean of Education and Director of Intercultural Studies, Summit Pacific College

“To write a book on Ngugi’s wa Thiong’o’s novels and his reconfiguration of biblical themes requires expertise of a person versed in the science of literary criticism together with an intimate knowledge of the contents of the Bible. Dr. Anonby is such a person ...” – Professor Sven Soderlund, Regent College

Photo Dr John Anonby TWU Archives

May 15, 2007

AskAway wins BC Innovation Award

The BC Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) is pleased to announce that AskAway: BC’s Virtual Reference Project is this year’s recipient of the BC Innovation Award —Judges’ Award. The BC Innovation Awards honour and recognize BC public post-secondary system individuals who test, implement and use educational technologies to enhance teaching and learning and/or who provide greater service and support to students, faculty, staff or administrators. Candidates are nominated by their peers for this award.

The Judges’ Award is given to the AskAway project in recognition of the extraordinary partnership and collaboration between BC post-secondary and public libraries, resulting in greater service to students and learners across the province.

Alloway Library's AskAway users already know that the service, which provides live online reference help, is a real winner!

May 14, 2007

Bill Badke becomes columnist for Online Magazine

Online Magazine, a major American trade publication for information professionals, has asked TWU Associate Librarian Bill Badke to become a regular columnist in the area of information literacy. His column, entitled InfoLitLand, begins with the May/June 2007 issue and will appear six times per year.

In his first column Badke writes

...being an opinionated advocate of information literacy can bring you terrific opportunities. Being asked to write for ONLINE on the subject of information literacy is one of those, and it's a distinct honor.

TWU borrowers with access to Alloway Library's databases can read all of Bill's first InfoLitLand column online.

May 11, 2007

RefWorks moves to Canada

RefWorks, our Internet-based bibliographic manager system allows students, faculty and staff to collect, manage and use the bibliographic citations they discover in the course of their research. This is an American product, and recent concern among Canadian academic libraries about the security of RefWorks data in the face of the US Patriot Act, has led TWU to join our colleages in moving our RefWorks server to Scholars Portal in Toronto. SP is an electronic information server site run by the Ontario College of Universities.

For most purposes, you can use RefWorks as you always have done. One caution, though: You need to connect with RefWorks through Alloway Library's web page rather than going to the US site, where your account will not be recognized. If you need to connect directly, using your TWU groupcode, go to .

Contributed by Bill Badke

Curses aren't fine(s)

Wow, those medieval librarians-- they could be harsh!

According to Sandra Anderson at her Bibliomania and the Medieval Book Curse website, book curses were a form of library security:

In the medieval period, the most effective method of deterring a bibliomaniac from acquiring manuscripts from their proper owners was the book curse. The book curse was not a technological security system but a security system of social context. A book curse reminded would-be book thieves that books were valued and that there were repercussions for taking them without permission. (Source.)

A sample curse from Anderson's site equates stealing with not returning a borrowed book,

For him that stealeth a book from this library,

Let it change into a serpent in
his hand and rend him.

Let him be struck with palsy
and all his members be blasted.

Let him languish in pain, crying
aloud for mercy and

Let there be no surcease to his
agony til he sink in dissolution.

Let bookworms gnaw his entrails
in token of the worm that dieth not,

And when at last he goeth to his
final judgment

Let flames of Hell consume him
forever and aye. (Source)

Anderson continues:

While book curses were effective form of protection against bibliomaniacs, their use also had a negative effect on the sharing of information in medieval society. Under fear of excommunication or even anathema, many monasteries refused to loan books at all and this habit of not sharing texts was translated into secular society... Limitations to the access of texts meant that the university in Paris would find it almost impossible to produce doctors, lawyers, and business people that were critical to the development of a healthy economy… In frustration at the lack of materials available to students at the university, the Council of Paris in 1212 declared "From the present date, no book is to be retained under pain of incurring a curse [. . .] and we declare such curses to be of no effect" (Source)

Attempted or actual theft of Alloway Library material is a contravention of TWU community standards and provincial law. However, for merely overdue material, there are no curses. The Library charges a modest fine of $.20 per day for overdue items from the main stacks and automatically waives fines under $1 per item for overdue main stacks items.

(Thanks to Bill Badke)

May 09, 2007

Encyclopedia of leadership now online through Alloway Library's catalogue

Alloway Library has purchased the e-book version of the 4-volume reference title Encyclopedia of Leadership. This important resource will primarily benefit distance students in the Master of Arts in Leadership program, who are unable to access the print version in the library's Reference Collection.

With the same wide range of topics covered as in the award-winning print version, the e-book will be valuable to any student and faculty needing material on leadership wherever they may be. There are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous users, nor on the length of time that the e-book is in use by an individual user.

The simplest way to find this title is to search for it in the library's catalogue and click on the “website” link in the catalogue record. You will connect directly to Thomson Gale’s Virtual Reference Library database and then be able to use the search tools to access content. The interface is the same as CPI.Q, the library's other InfoTrac/Gale subscription.

Contributed by Shirley Lee, with thanks to the MAL program's Angie Mays for suggesting this resource.

New resource for business and public policy research

In cooperation with Trinity Western University's School of Business, subscriptions to The Conference Board of Canada e-Library and e-Data services are now available through Alloway Library's webpage.

These databases were acquired in anticipation of the launch of TWU's MBA program. The Conference Board creates and shares insights on economic trends, public policy and organizational performance. That means that the resources are valuable not just for faculty and students in Business & Economics; other programs at TWU with a focus on the Canadian economy, politics & government, trade & industry, education, leadership, social responsibility will benefit as well.

The e-Library service provides access to over 1400 research reports and conference e-proceedings on economic trends, organizational performance and public policy issues from a Canadian perspective, as well as access to the Conference Board’s E-Library collection of full-text research documents released since 1998.

E-Data provides access to the Conference Board’s nine forecast and historical databases for academic and non-commercial purposes, with over 8,000 regularly updated indicators that forecast economic performance of Canada, the U.S. the provinces, 27 metropolitan areas and 10 Canadian Industrial Sectors, as well as the Consumer & Business Confidence databases

There are multiple ways to get to these sites: From Alloway Library's webpage, click on the Article indexes and databases link and then click on Business and find the Conference Board of Canada links. Or simply bookmark these links to the Conference Board's e-Library or e-Data Service

Contributed by Shirley Lee

May 08, 2007

Humanities E-Books added to catalogue

Alloway Library has added a new, important collection to its holdings. The Humanities E-Book Collection (formerly the History E-Book Project) is a digital collection offered by the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) in collaboration with ten learned societies, nearly 80 contributing publishers, and librarians at the University of Michigan’s Scholarly Publishing Office.

The result is an online, fully searchable collection of some 1500 high-quality books in the Humanities, recommended and reviewed by scholars. The e-books feature unlimited multi-user access and represent scholarly works from the past 500 years to today. Fields of study currently covered include: Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Native Peoples, Women's Studies. Historical Studies include African, American, Asian, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, European, Latin American, Legal, Methods/Theory, Middle East, and Science/Technology. HEB also encompasses the fields of Art History, Literature, Political Science, and Religion. Forthcoming fields include Archaeology, History of Medicine, and History of Philosophy.

The Humanities E-Book collection is available anytime, anywhere through Alloway Library's webpage or catalogue. Humanities E-Book titles incorporate two different types of electronic books: new XML-encoded titles, and scanned page-image versions of already-published titles.

They can be searched by title, author, subject or series just like other print or e-books in our collection. A series list of all the titles can be found by doing a "Series Alphabetical" search under: History E-Book project [the former name of the collection.] The series title will be changed in our library catalogue when the records for these items are updated by Alloway Library staff.

For more information on this powerful and useful resource, view this PowerPoint presentation:

Submitted by Ted Goshulak

May 04, 2007

New Religious Studies Videos

We've profiled over 30 new additions to our Audiovisual collections over the past week. This is the last installment for a while.

The word of God The Bible has been an intriguing, yet misinterpreted book for centuries. In this four-part series, Charles Price teaches how to interpret and contextually read the Bible accurately, as well as understand the loving heart and mind of God. VHS

Matthew From International Bible Society® and Pathway Media™. This film is taken word for word from the New International Version Bible. Filmed on location in Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa, this multi-million dollar production of Matthew features a cast of thousands, historically correct costumes and award-winning directing. The film stars Emmy-award winning actor Richard Kiley as Matthew and introduces Bruce Marchiano as Jesus. Preview sample online.

Going public with your faith How to take evangelism out of the religious box and weave it into life at work. In six thought-provoking and empowering sessions, the Going Public with Your Faith kit presents a proven approach to evangelism that respects the unique relationships participants have with their coworkers, clients, or customers. The sessions include ways to: Create curiosity about faith and stimulate spiritual interest; Recognize spiritual hunger and open doors; Cultivate common ground with non-Christians; Tell personal faith stories invitingly; Practice “less is more” to share faith in a nonthreatening way.
Going Public with Your Faith kit includes: 1 – Leader’s guide 1
– Participant’s guide 1 – Going Public with Your Faith DVD Preview sample online Also in VHS or read the book.

Resolving spiritual conflicts and cross-cultural ministries An 8-part series of messages for Christians and missionaries in particular. Introduction, World view problem; Christians and demons; Missionaries under attack; Missionaries on the attack; Practical applications for missionaries; Steps to freedom. VHS

Living on the edge Evangelist Tom Eggum gives helpful insights to students on how to give God your very best, how to radically love Jesus and how to live on the edge. VHS

May 03, 2007

New videos (part 6!)

Buy-ology: the science of buying and selling This intriguing two-part series draws on experimental data, anecdotal case studies, and interviews with a wide range of experts to scrutinize why people buy—and how sellers manipulate their desires. Preview online DVD

Women and men unglued The film takes an uncensored look at single, urban Gen Xers who live on the edge of social change. Operating in a free-for-all zone where old mating rules don't apply and new ones don't exist, these young urbanites struggle to find intimacy amid chaos. Preview online VHS

The wizard of photography With his introduction of the popular Kodak and Brownie camera systems, George Eastman revolutionized the photographic industry, transforming a complex, expensive technology used by a small professional elite into one that anyone could use. A brilliant innovator and entrepreneur, Eastman changed the way people viewed time and the world around them -- and even themselves. Supporting website. VHS

The flight of BIRD In 1940, Costa Rica boasted over three million hectares of natural forest. By 1983, less than a third remained—most of it lost to extensive cattle grazing. Canadian Dirk Brinkman brought his team of silviculture experts to the clearcuts of Costa Rica and using investments from friends and family, they purchased a small tract of deforested tropical land to begin a reforestation experiment and created the BIRD project—Brinkman International Reforestation Development. Its goals: to create an entrepreneurial-driven, self-sustaining enterprise that drew on Canada's expertise in reforestation and created employment for locals. This fascinating documentary tracks the resounding success of BIRD. VHS

May 02, 2007

New DVDs

DVD's from Alloway Library's audiovisual collection are available for loan to borrowers with a valid TWU ID card.

The debate: physician assisted suicide is a DVD reissue of the debate that took place on campus between TWU's Paul Chamberlain and Member of Parliament Svend Robinson on the question: Should the Government of Canada legalize physician-assisted suicide? Robinson answers the question in the affirmative; Chamberlain in the negative. Both speakers have twenty minutes to make their case, they then have ten minutes to rebut their opponents case and three minutes for closing arguments. The debate concludes with a question and answer session.

Residents' rights today: respectful care in changing times. This video explores how protection of residents' rights and respectful care relate to other characteristics of today's long term care environment. Issues include: increased cultural, ethnic, language, and age diversity; stresses on staff in and outside of the work environment. Also addressed are residents' rights are and why they are so important in the life and culture of a long term care facility. A presenter’s guide is also available.

Dementia with dignity "To date, the best film my students and I have seen on dignified caregiving we can bring to dementia patients who display challenging behaviours. We all appreciated the vignettes which occured at an actual nursing home....with real dementia patients, and real caregivers. Hands-on experience is best, but background knowledge and theory given in the classroom is profoundly enriched by this wonderful straight-forward film. A 'must-see' for both educators and caregivers."
Barbara Levitan, RN, MEd, Director, Personal Support Worker Training Program, ParaMedVocational School, Extendicare Canada. Preview online

More than a thousand tomorrows Eight years after the original video, A Thousand Tomorrows was produced, we revisit one of the couples featured in this video (Everett and Betty Jordan). This new video gives a picture of what has happened in the lives of the Jordans in eight years. Central to the video is Everett's candid discussion of his feelings and decisions regarding the changes in his ongoing intimate relationship with Betty during these eight years, and how he has coped. Preview online

Everyday choices: Ethics and decision making in home care and community nursing This challenging documentary will help to stimulate discussion about a wide range of ethical and professional dilemmas faced by nurses working in home care and community settings. It tells the story of one young visiting nurse and her elderly patient; an engrossing exploration of some of the realities of home care work, as experienced by a skilled and compassionate professional.

Supervisory techniques: for charge nurses in long term care facilities Shows how nursing supervisors can reduce conflict among staff, gain more respect and organize their time more effectively by covering six key points: organization, attitude, trust and respect for staff, communication, dealing with problems and conflicts and staying touch with the tasks being supervised.

New features on this blog

Blogger, the web publishing tool we use for Alloway Library News has added some new features which you can see here on this page and which will greatly increase the usefulness of our blog for our readers.
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Since our first post in September 2005 Alloway Library News has had visits from all over the globe and, in the past 6 months have attracted over 100 visits per month. Wherever you are, Alloway Library News will continue to be your source for news and activities at Alloway Library.

May 01, 2007

New videos on teaching, learning and education

A fast way to find videos in our catalogue is to use a General Keyword search and include "videorecording" as one of your keywords. The results will include DVD and VHS programs.

Maria Montessori: her life and legacy A century ago, Dr. Maria Montessori founded an educational movement that has been remarkably consistent despite time and location. This film presents the intertwined history of Dr. Montessori’s life, her philosophy and the basic principles of educational practice still followed in schools that bear her name. Preview online DVD

Positive interdependence Presents the nature of positive interdependence and how to structure it within cooperative learning lessons. A great introduction to the most essential component of cooperative learning. A companion book is also available. VHS

ADHD & LD: powerful teaching strategies and accommodations specifically illustrates how educators can greatly assist students with attentional, behavioral, and learning challenges within their classrooms. DVD

New Video Arrivals (part 3)

Although the VHS format is no longer commercially viable, there's still a lot of great material on videotape. Alloway Library has VCRs you can use to watch programs on tape in the library. Here are 5 new additions to our catalogue, all in the format that won't go away.

Listen to us This series is designed for use by professionals working with troubled teenagers and their families. In Listen to Us... Part 3 and Part 4 interviews are conducted with teenagers who have experienced severe problems in the child/parent relationship including physical, emotional and mental abuse.

A place to start is for women who have been assaulted by their husbands or boyfriends. Many will be going to court as witnesses for the prosecution in wife assault cases. Several women survivors of abuse share their personal experiences. Professionals, including a police officer, prosecutor, and judge, describe what happens when a charge is laid and a case goes to court.

Without fear Presents the abusive situations of six women, the abusive landscape in Canadian society and what needs to be changed so that all women in Canada can live without fear.

Twice Condemned Against a backdrop of glaring lights, rattling keys and echoing hallways, female offenders reveal how their lives went wrong. With a borrowed video camera, the women give us an insider's view of life behind bars. Twice Condemned will provoke discussion on fundamental notions of right and wrong, free will, social responsibility, and ultimately, how the Canadian penal system can respond effectively to women in crisis.

Family Matters in Supreme Court: Judicial Case conferences and Chambers Hearings is a 19-minute video designed to help people who have to go to Supreme Court on a family matter without a lawyer. The video dramatizes the fictional situation of Mark and Tracy Carter as they attend a judicial case conference, where they agree to reduce Mark's monthly child support payments, and a Supreme Court Chambers hearing, where the master rules that Mark must still pay child support arrears. View online