December 20, 2007

New Linguistics E-books added to collection

Alloway Library has added 6 new e-book titles as part of its contribution to the NetLibrary pool of resources. The titles will be of special interest to linguistics scholars and researchers.

Frequency of use and the organization of language [electronic resource] / Joan Bybee.

"Not this year" for library renovations

For several years Alloway Library has requested funds for a much-needed renovation project. TWU administration has once again turned down the request. Instead, the university is spending available construction/renovation funds to address health and safety concerns on campus. The library’s plan is to remove dividing walls on the upper level and add 1400 new shelves to hold a growing book collection. The project would also create a new collaborative study space on the main level and move the Reference and Media collections to new locations on the main level.

December 19, 2007

Baby Week benefits Langley Families

Alloway Library's Baby Week has come to a successful close. Thank you to everyone that contributed.

For each of the 76 items donated the library forgave up to $2 in overdue fines. The little jars of baby food, tiny socks, sleepers, bibs, shampoos and other baby-related items brought in filled two stout boxes. As well, money paid to clear fines and directed to the Baby Week campaign fund amounted to another $178.11 in cold hard cash. All proceeds have been handed over to the Langley Food Bank to benefit needy babies and their families in our community.

Baby Week organizer Janet Kreiter notes that "It is more than they might have had if we did nothing, and that makes it a success in my eyes. The opportunity was there to be used if anyone who wished and some did happily.”

“I had one young fellow bring in a whole bag of items,” she adds. “When I inquired about who had done the shopping, he told me that he had gone shopping himself. The selection of items was very interesting and very pleasing and I told him so!"

This is the third time that Alloway Library has run a fine amnesty campaign to benefit the Langley Food bank. Kreiter acknowledges the support of Librarians Ted Goshulak and Ron Braid for supporting the idea (and for not minding a playpen in the library for 2 weeks!)

December 07, 2007

Student researchers present results of library perception and awarness surveys

In response to a request from Alloway Library, students in the Business 430 Marketing Research class, under the guidance of Professor Don Hill, developed a strategy to explore the library’s marketing research needs. The library had already looked at many secondary sources and studies so this project focused specifically on TWU students’ perceptions and awareness of library services and resources.

Through online and in-person surveys, the BUSI 430 researchers gathered data from 267 respondents. They also worked with focus groups to more closely examine several areas of interest. The end product was a 177 page document presented to library personnel last week. Library staff were pleased with the researchers' work and are examining the data and recommendations closely.

Researchers reported "excellent levels of student awareness of resources and service," and that "the general sentiment is that students are satisfied with the performance of the library." They then made twelve recommendations, identifying opportunities for improvement in the following areas: online catalogue search engine, library layout, promotion of services, study carrel lighting, photocopy cards, variety of reference materials, service offered by the reference desk, strategies involving misplaced books, hours of operation, and customer service skills.

December 06, 2007

ARL Publishes Report on Journals' Transition from Print to Electronic Formats

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published "The E-only Tipping Point for Journals: What's Ahead in the Print-to-Electronic Transition Zone," by Richard Johnson and Judy Luther. The report examines the issues associated with the migration from dual-format publishing (paper and electronic) to electronic-only journals.

Publishers and libraries are in an extended transition zone between print-only and e-only journals. Both parties are struggling with the demands and costs of dual-format publications. This transitional phase is especially challenging to small publishers of high-quality titles and places them at a disadvantage in relation to large, resource-rich publishers as they compete for subscribers, authors, and readers. The question of when dual-format journals will complete the transition to single-format (electronic) publishing is taking on increasing urgency.

The persistence of dual-format journals suggests that substantial obstacles need to be overcome before the transformation to e-only publication is completed. The ARL study seeks to create a better understanding of the transition process, both for librarians and publishers. Neither publishers nor librarians independently control the process. The need to coordinate their activities greatly increases the complexity of the transition.

The report considers the factors driving the push toward electronic-only publishing as well as the barriers that are slowing change. The work is based largely on interviews conducted in 2007 with two dozen academic librarians and journal publishers. The authors provide an assessment of likely change in the near term and recommend strategic areas of focus for further work to enable change.

By commissioning this work and disseminating its findings, ARL seeks to enhance broader, deeper understanding of the challenges and decisions faced by publishers and libraries as they navigate the transition taking place.

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is a nonprofit organization of 123 research libraries in North America. Its mission is to influence the changing environment of scholarly communication and the public policies that affect research libraries and the diverse communities they serve.

Contributed by Association of Research Libraries

December 05, 2007

For your holiday reading pleasure...

Alloway Library has extended the loan period for books and media items borrowed during the next two weeks. Instead of a 21-day loan for books (or a scant 7 days for CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes) TWU and ACTS students and employees can enjoy library resources for up to 5 weeks! This special loan period is in effect only for material checked out or renewed between Dec 5 - 18; the due date will be January 8, 2008 for most borrowers. The loan period takes into account the fact that Alloway Library is closed to the public Dec. 22 - Jan 2.*

There are plenty of great reads (and listens!) at Alloway Library. A quick general keyword search for Christmas revealed some 290 titles including:

*Even when the library is closed, our return slot at the front door is open!

December 04, 2007

New E-Books added to the catalogue

More e-books have been added to Alloway Library’s online catalogue this week. These titles are made available through TWU’s membership in COPPUL (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) and from ACLS- HEB (American Council of Learned Societies., History E-Book Project).

E-books are much more then text on a screen. Librarian Shirley Lee found it particularly interesting to see full illustrations and film clips in Wonder shows: performing science, magic, and religion in America . “But you know what's even cooler?” she asks, “There are actual music clips embedded into the full text of the book which the reader can listen to!” Check out Yellowface: creating the Chinese in American popular music and performance, 1850s-1920s to see an example.

Several of the titles added will be of interest to researcher in nursing and health care:

Other new e-book titles include:

November 28, 2007

Baby Week at Alloway Library

Between December 3 -7 you can help a needy child and and clear your library fines!

Each baby care item you bring clears up to $2 in fines. All proceeds go to Langley Food Bank.

Suggested items include:

  • Diapers, size 4 +
  • Baby food
  • Crèmes, lotions, shampoos
  • Soothers
  • Toys

Donations must be new and cannot be used to pay for Interlibrary Loans, Lost or Damaged material or Reserve Book Room charges.

November 27, 2007

Dates to note in December at Alloway Library

Exam Period hours at Alloway Library

Friday, December 7 7:45 AM - 11:00 PM

Saturday, December 8 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Sunday, December 9 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Monday – Friday, December 10 – 14 7:45 AM - 11:00 PM

Saturday, December 15 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

For your Christmas break reading pleasure

Faculty member Doug Shantz narrating the Christmas Story. -- 1987 TWU Archives

Books and media checked out from Alloway Library from Dec 5 to 18 are due on the first day of classes, January 8, 2008. This extended loan is available to all TWU & ACTS students and employees.

Christmas Break hours at Alloway Library

Monday – Friday, December 17 - 21 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

December 22 - January 1 CLOSED

Wednesday – Friday, January 2 - 4 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday January 7 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

November 19, 2007

Are you a genius?

This website said that people who read Alloway Library News blog are very, very smart. The people who write it might be smart too. From now on, the person who edits this blog will make sure that people who are not very, very smart can read this blog too.

November 07, 2007

Updates for Oxford Reference Online

Alloway Library's subscription to Oxford Reference Online has been revised again this year with updated content, new titles, new editions, and additional features. Oxford Reference Online brings together reference works from one of the world's biggest reference publishers into a single cross-searchable on-line resource. The library's Premium Collection offers over 175 fully-indexed, cross-searchable dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press, including detailed information across a broad subject range from titles in the world-renowned Oxford Companions Series.

The October update to Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection is the biggest yet, with content ranging from English literature to environmental sciences. There are no less than seven superb new Oxford titles and four new editions. These new titles are all accessible online by searching the library's catalogue or through the library's database portal. The new titles include world-class content from the worlds of art, literature, linguistics, astronomy, quotations, history, law, and conservation.

The seven new titles are:

Library users also benefit from four new editions:

Submitted by Ted Goshulak

November 02, 2007

Library says "RSVP"

Alloway Library is looking forward to hearing the results from a survey it commissioned this fall. “Here’s your chance!” says Alloway Librarian Sylvia Stopforth, “Students will have an opportunity to shape the library.”

Stopforth has been liaising with business faculty as they and their students develop a library marketing survey. This summer, the library was selected as the "client" for Professor Don Hill’s Business 430 – Marketing Research class. Since September Stopforth, Hill and seven marketing students, have been meeting to explore the goals and objectives of the project.

Stopforth explains, “This research is something we've wanted to do for years, but have simply never had the opportunity to pursue. TWU as a whole is going through a strategic planning process, and we hope to use some of the information generated by this project to support and direct that process within the library. The Big Questions for library staff are: Is the library providing resources and services that meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff? Are there currently obstacles to user satisfaction, and if so, what are they?”

To give the researchers a better idea of the work of the library, Stopforth gave them a tour of the library. Since then, the students have been busy conducting research, identifying the most effective marketing research strategies for the project, and, with input from library staff, creating surveys and interview questions which will gauge respondents’ awareness and perception of Alloway Library’s services and resources

With the research design phase nearing successful completion the next step is up to library users, and non-users, too. “We're hoping for a good response from students - those who use the library on a regular basis, as well as those who may not,” says Stopforth, “so that we can gain a better understanding of what students expect from a library, what they need, how well the library is currently meeting those needs and expectations, and what must be changed in order to ensure we effectively meet the needs of our users into the foreseeable future.”

The marketing students conducting the awareness survey are encouraging students to check their mytwu email for an online awareness questionnaire sent to a random sample of students. Live interviews will also be conducted at the library by student researchers over the next few weeks. In late November, when the data is collected and analysed, the research will be presented to library staff who will incorporate their findings into immediate and longer term plans.

October 25, 2007

eHRAF database changes and improves

Changes to Alloway Library’s access to the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University and the eHRAF Collection of Ethnography are underway. This cross-cultural database contains information on all aspects of cultural and social life. The eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized by cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text sources are subject-indexed at the paragraph level. A new beta version of the database features a new name, eHRAF World Cultures, a new URL and includes 10 additional cultures.

Users of this database can continue to connect to it via the library’s webpage. Patrons who have bookmarked eHRAF Collection of Ethnography will need to update the URL from to .

HRAF is also implementing a new interface with new content and a new name for the eHRAF Collections. During the fall semester Alloway Library users are encouraged to try the beta version of eHRAF World Cultures. The current version, eHRAF Collection of Ethnography, will continue to be available until February 2008 when the new version is launched. HRAF will be making upgrades and design changes to the beta sites during the fall semester and intends to confine downtime to evenings and weekends. Feedback about the new interface is welcomed; fill out the survey form at

For more information about eHRAF visit Alloway Library's information page or talk to one of our Librarians

October 24, 2007

Add PDFs to RefWorks

Alloway Library has now enabled TWU users of RefWorks the ability to add PDFs to journal article citations. Each user has been given 25 MB of space for this function. The PDFs will rest in the "Edit" or "View" modes of each citation that has a PDF in it, and paper clip symbols will show in normal view to indicate which citations have PDFs in them.

At present, it is not possible to download the PDF full text directly from databases to RefWorks (as you can do with the citations). Associate Librarian Bill Badke has prepared a tutorial to guide you in the use of the PDF attachment function. You can find the tutorial on the RefWorks information page or go directly to the tutorial.

RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and database manager that allows users to create their own citation database by importing references from text files or online databases. Users can use these references in writing their papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds.

Submitted by William Badke

October 18, 2007

Using Write-N-Cite with RefWorks on a Mac Computer

Earlier this year, Canadian universities using RefWorks moved their files from American servers to Canadian servers to prevent the US government from accessing files under the Patriot Act. This move has caused some minor glitches that can interfere with the smooth operation of RefWorks on the Mac operating system.

First, Write-N-Cite on the Mac runs as a separate application, not as a Word plug-in as it does in Word 2003 on Windows XP. You need to download the application from here . If you downloaded it previously from the old link and had trouble installing it, download it and install it again.

Second, if you have installed the new version of Write-N-Cite, but are being taken to the page as shown below, you need to delete the old RefWorks preferences on your computer.

To remove a preference file on a Mac go to Users -- [User name] -- Library -- Preferences -- com.refworks[ending with]plist

Drag the file to the trash and restart the application. It will automatically create a new, correct, preferences file. See the diagram below

RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and database manager that allows users to create a personal citation database by importing references from text files or online databases. You can use these references in writing your papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds. To find out more about RefWorks visit the information page at Alloway Library's webpage. If you have any further difficulties, please contact Duncan Dixon at

October 16, 2007

Globe and Mail Report Card shows continued good marks for Alloway Library

The Globe and Mail's University Report Card came out this morning and once again TWU scored many top marks. Marks for Alloway Library awarded by students in the 2006-2007 academic year show little change from the the previous year. Here's a summary of library-related marks, with last year's grade in brackets.

  • Service provided by library staff A- (A-)
  • Overall library quality B+ (B)
  • Library hours of operation B (B)
  • Online library resources B (B+)
  • Availability of journals /articles/periodicals B (B)
  • Total number of library holdings C+ (C+)
  • Availability of quiet study space A (A)
  • Study space A-
We are pleased to see high marks once again for service; improvement in overall library quality is also gratifying to see. Like any conscientious student, we should probably appeal the slight drop in "online resources" by pointing out that the library has added several new databases and upgraded others in the past year.

A print version of the report card is available at the reserve counter.

October 12, 2007

End of the week potpourri

Two items to note before the week ends:

1. Alloway Library's Annual Report for the 2006-2007 academic year is now available. View it online or in PDF format at the library's website or here. Or, stop by the library for a paper copy. The report includes achievements, statistics and a view of the future for Alloway Library.

2. Another cart of books has been added to our used book sale shelf.

October 05, 2007

Empty bottles help fill a library in Beruit

Alloway Library is once again collecting refundable beverage containers to raise funds for others. Last year we helped raise money for a Ugandan medical clinic. This fall we invite library users to join with us to help the Library Resource Expansion fund at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. All it takes is to make a difference is to bring clean refundable beverage containers to the library.
ABTS is working on extending the resources of its Finlay Graham Memorial Library. Their expansion plan seeks to add 2000-2500 volumes from a wide range of fields, among them encyclopedias, commentaries and books in Islamic Studies which will support and enhance the academic quality of the seminary’s Masters Program.
ABTS has received a generous offer for matching funds. If they raise a minimum of US$ 20,000 by December 2007 that money will be tripled by a matching grant. In practical terms, that triples the value of every refundable beverage container we collect at Alloway Library in the next three months!

October 03, 2007

Collection Profile: The Curriculum Materials Centre

“Providing a collection of materials to support the curriculum for the School of Education and resources which enhance the educational and teaching experience of Education students.”

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT: Before the development of the Curriculum Collection, curriculum materials were catalogued into the main Library of Congress (LC) Collection; education material is primarily on the lower level of the library. The original Curriculum Collection was provided by the Society of Christian Schools of BC as a shared resource. Today, practical, strategic teaching materials are catalogued into the Curriculum Collection (LT).
Theoretical materials are catalogued into the main LC Collection.


Curriculum Resource Units teaching units which have been compiled by education students. The Curriculum Resource Unit Index provides a listing of Grade Units and Subject Units.

  • Grade Units – directed at specific grade levels or grade spans and are filed alphabetically by discipline and then by title within the grade levels or main subject headings.
  • Subject Units – topical, non-graded units and informational materials

Integrated Resource Packages provincial curriculum documents written by educators and produced by the Ministry of Education. These set the standards for what students are expected to know and be able to do. They include curriculum organizers, prescribed learning outcomes, assessment models, learning resources and web resources listings.

  • The Integrated Resource Packages Index indicates the discipline and the related Resource numbers
  • The Grade Collections Index indicates resources recommended in the IRP Grade Collections which are included in the CMC or library, and provides the call number or status of the material.

Resource Book Collection – resource materials provided by the Ministry of Education; available on the BC Ministry of Education website.

  • The Resources Index (See: IRP Index) indicates the discipline and related Resource numbers

Reavis Reading Area – a collection of Fastbacks, provided by the Phi Delta Kappa Foundation, honoring the memory of G.H. Reavis, founder of the Phi Delta Kappa Foundation. An index is available for this collection. Monographs which are given as part of this collection are catalogued into the LC Collection.

Education Newsletters – newsletters which are published irregularly and not indexed. They are kept for one year only.


The LT Collection is the main circulating collection of the Curriculum Collection. Comprised of text books, teacher’s guides, handbooks and resource manuals which support the K-12 curriculum. Focus of the LT Collection has been K-8 level materials, to complement the School of Education program. New materials are being purchased to support the proposed Secondary Program.

LT Classification Schedule :

The LT Classification System organizes material within the broader disciplines, to keep curriculum developed by specific publishers together and identifies appropriate grade levels for resources. The LT Classification Schedule helps determine the location of specific subject areas and disciplines.

For example, the literature section (LT4300-4379) includes all genre study and teaching materials. Picture books and novels are included in the literature section (LT4382 - LT4383) followed by other genre specific literature.

SEARCHING CURRICULUM MATERIAL: Subject keyword search and General keyword search will access most materials in the LT Collection. Materials with brief records do not include authoritative subject headings and will not be included in all search results. Refine your search to the Curriculum collection by setting search limits to Curriculum.

Browsing the collection: Not all the material on a specific educational topic will be in the LT collection, as materials catalogued prior to 2002 remain in the main Library of Congress collection. Therefore, when searching, browse the shelf list in both collections.

Searching Methods recommended: Subject Keyword, General Keyword, Call Number and Browsing. Don’t rely exclusively on one method or you will miss available materials.


Loan period: 21 day loan period for LT Collection items.

Limits: Maximum of 30 items per individual.

Renewals: One renewal by phone or at Circulation. On-line renewals are not available for Curriculum materials.

Do not reshelve books – Place books on the shelving cart for Floor Assistants to reshelve.

Multiple piece materials and kits: Ensure that all pieces are included when returning kits and binders.

REFERENCE PERSONNEL: The Curriculum Materials Centre Library Technician is available during CMC office hours

Reference Librarians are available at the Information desk on the Main Level of the library

A Virtual Reference Librarian is available at AskAway on the Library Web site

For more information contact Shelley Spencer, Library Technician: Curriculum Materials Centre (B.Ed.) 604-513-2121 Ext. 3916

Office Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00–4:30; Thursday 8:00–1:00

Submitted by Shelley Spencer

October 02, 2007

1000 books sold in book sale clearance

A nickel doesn't do very much, but when Alloway Library had a book sale clearance and sold discarded books for 5 cents each, the nickel's purchasing power became apparent.

The library's supply of sale books had expanded following a weeding project and, over the summer, three large study tables and three large bookcases had been filled and refilled with material which people bought at the library's usual rate of $1 for hardcover items and $.50 for softcovers.

With the start of the fall term it became important to regain the study tables for their designated use and so prices were slashed. In less than a week, over 1000 books were snapped up by bargain hunters and, as the word "clearance" suggest, the tables were cleared. Many of the books and other items were duplicates, outdated, worn-out or otherwise unsuitable for the collection but still appealed to buyers who felt that the price was right.

With the 5 cent sale ending tomorrow, Alloway Library has regained twelve study spaces (and raked in about $50.) After the sale, there will still be books for sale (including new arrivals) on our Main Level sale shelf but the price will be back at our regular low prices.

September 27, 2007

ILL staff and patrons running with Relais

Alloway Library’s patrons have generated helpful feedback and questions stemming from recent changes to the way our Interlibrary Loan system works. Relais, the ILL interface, will continue to be a work-in-progress as we test out the various forms and its communication abilities with Horizon, the library’s integrated operating system.

Library staff have been working with Relais staff to reduce the number of clicks needed to get to the login page and make the login pages easier to use. We are also updating the content on the Interlibrary Loan Information page.

Here is an update for a few known issues with Alloway Library's Relais ILL system.

New/Renewed Borrowers. There is usually a one working-day delay in getting active borrowers from Horizon into Relais because the data is transferred between the two systems once per day. This means, for example, that patrons who are set up as ‘new’ or ‘renewed’ borrowers in Horizon at 11:00 a.m. today will show up in Relais tomorrow. They will not be able to submit a request for ILL the same day that they register as a borrower. The one working-day delay stretches to 3 days if new borrower is signed up on a Friday.

Mandatory Fields in Request Forms for Books and Journals. Patrons will notice that the Relais request forms for books and journal articles are exactly the same, with the same bibliographic fields. This has created confusion for patrons because a mandatory field (e.g. “Author of Publication”) in one form is also mandatory for the other. Having a mandatory “Author of Publication” for a book makes sense, but not for a journal. To resolve this, we’ve made the title field the only mandatory field for both book and journals. However, ILL requestors should provide as much, accurate information as possible on their requests to ensure the best chance of getting the correct item. The library has submitted requests to Relais to make these forms independent of each other.

Submit Button for a Request – Why can’t I submit? If you are wondering why you can’t submit a request even though you’ve completed all the fields in the request form, make sure you’ve checked off the box at the bottom of the form where it says:

"Please acknowledge that you accept the institution's conditions for placing a request"

“Edit Profile” – Patron information is not always retained. Relais allows users to update their profile in the Relais system. Some of the profile fields, however, are overwritten each time Relais receives patron information from Horizon. This means that although patrons can update their address in the Relais profile form, information in the yellow fields will revert to whatever is entered in the library's Horizon database. We are working on making the address field in Relais un-editable.

Patron information that goes in the white fields of the profile form ARE retained, and are NOT overwritten daily. This includes the patron’s “department” . The default department is currently “Biology” since that is the first to appear in the drop down list. Choose your department when using these forms for the first time and it will be retained.

ILL Librarian Shirley Lee and her ILL coworkers welcome patron feedback and questions and promise to do their best to explain and/or resolve them.

Submitted by Shirley Lee

A visual feast for Library Lovers

Curious Expeditions is a blog "devoted to unearthing the wondrous, the macabre, the obscure from around the world..." A recent posting entitled Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries created an album of more than 70 photographs of what they call "the world's most beautiful libraries."

Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland

Take a look and be inspired!

Thanks to Duncan Dixon

September 26, 2007

Instant Messaging at Alloway Library's Info Desk

Earlier this month, Alloway Library launched instant messaging information services. Now, users of AIM, GTalk, MSN, and Yahoo can get immediate answers to reference questions right on their desktop.

The service is available during regular Information Desk hours. It complements the more traditional ways of contacting reference librarians -- telephone, e-mail, and in person as well as AskAway.

To add the TWU Information Desk to your IM buddies list, add the appropriate contact information.

Meebo (Google Talk)

AIM TWUInfodesk

Yahoo twu_chat_librarian


Submitted by Duncan Dixon

September 25, 2007

Alloway Library Book Sale Clearance

In order to reclaim study space, from now until October 3 all books from Alloway Library's book sale shelf and tables are priced at just 5 cents each! Hundreds of titles to choose from. Check it out before they're all gone!

Alloway Library Staff Ken Pearson hunting for a book bargain.

September 24, 2007

"Nature" online

Alloway Library has switched its subscription from print to online format for the journal Nature. We will continue to receive print copies until the end of 2007 at which point our access will be online only. In our TWU Journal List the entry now looks like this:

Nature 0302-2889,0028-0836

Academic Search Premier - EBSCO: fulltext 1997-06-05 -

Biomedical Reference Collection: Comprehensive - EBSCO: fulltext 1997-06-05 -

MAS Ultra: School Edition - EBSCO: fulltext 1997-06-05 -

NPG Journals - Nature Publishing Group: fulltext 1997-01-01 -

TWU Library Holdings: Library has: bound, v. 327 (1987) - present.

Now here's the tricky part. The holdings from Academic Search Premier, Biomedical Reference Collection and MAS Ultra all come with a 12-month embargo from the vendor. This means that when using these databases the most recent issue available is from last year. However, NPG Journals which is our new online subscription has current issues as well as well as back issues. The NPG Journals listing states that backfiles go back to 1997 but, in fact, they only go back to 2003. The library is negotiating with the vendor to gain access to the 1997 - 2002 backfiles.

Submitted by Ted Goshulak

September 19, 2007

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) Now Available

Last week Alloway Library added another e-resource for business and accounting researchers . The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) infobase and the CICA Handbook. This searchable collection provides the complete set of International Financial Reporting Standards incorporating International Accounting Standards and Interpretations – for both pre- and post-2005. It is updated monthly

Additionally, it includes all current IASB Exposure Drafts, Draft Interpretations, and a Glossary of Terms. For more information or, to start using this resource visit the info page

Contributed by Shirley Lee

September 18, 2007

On September 10th Alloway Library switched to a new Interlibrary Loan interface called Relais which will result in improved service to our patrons. The switchover went with minimal disruptions for patrons since most of the changes affected behind-the-scenes internal processing and external communication with other lending libraries.

There are a few differences, however, that patrons will see. The first is a new ILL Request Form login page. Now, Alloway Library users will only have to login once using their valid library barcode; they can make multiple requests without having to re-enter their personal information with each new request, as long as they don’t log off. This was not possible with the former interface and was a major annoyance for users.

Another great feature allows users to log in and easily check on the status of their active requests or view all requests including filled ones. This will really help with researchers who want a complete bibliographic list of items requested for a particular project. Note that users will only be able to check on requests that were submitted on or after the conversion date (Sept. 10). If you wish to check on a specific request that was submitted prior to Sept 10, please email the particulars to; ILL staff will be happy to assist you.

The Relais interface also allows users to update their own profile and provide current address, telephone and other delivery information. Users should note that this information cannot be uploaded back into Alloway Library's circulation system; it is accessed only for ILL transactions.

The new interface doesn't change everything. Alloway Library is keeping the Godot interface to conduct broadcast searches for any journal titles not in the library. That means the “Where can I get this?” links from within databases will still take users into a search of other libraries’ catalogues. The “Request an Interlibrary Loan” link from such a search connects to Alloway Library's ILL Request login page.

A more detailed user guide will be ready in the next couple of weeks.

We will be in a ‘testing’ phase for the first little while until we can identify and iron out any wrinkles that will show up with any system conversion. Once the transition from the old system to the new one is complete, we think you will enjoy the new features of the new system. If you encounter any further problems, please do not hesitate to email ILL staff .

Contributed by Shirley Lee

September 05, 2007

Not Your Parents' Library video debuts on YouTube

Academic libraries are changing rapidly. To illustrate some of the changes that have occurred and are occurring at Alloway Library, librarians Duncan Dixon and Sylvia Stopforth put together a presentation that takes a slightly irreverent look at libraries (and the TWU campus) in the 1970s compared to today.

The video premiered at Backstage at T-Dub where Duncan and Sylvia gave new students and their parents an overview of library services. A drawing for Alloway Librarian Bill Badke's book Research Strategies was held and Mike Melnychenko, Karen Klein and Nathan Baugh each won a copy.

August 27, 2007

Ahhh... the smell of books!

August 23, 2007 (SALT LAKE CITY) – College students are most likely to characterize smell as the physical quality of books they most love according to the results of a Zogby poll commissioned by CaféScribe (, a newly launched web site that sells electronic textbooks. Why do we love books so much? Perhaps it's the smell.In a survey of 600 college students 43% identified smell –- either new book smell or old -- as the thing they most love about books as physical objects.

3 in 10 of the surveyed students associated “mustiness” with the books they most loved, although 16% -- possibly those most likely to hit the books early in the day – associated best-loved books with the smell of “freshly-ground coffee.” Other smells mostly failed to bring books to mind, although respondents were more likely to associate pleasant smells (cut grass, freshly baked bread, cookies baking) with books than unpleasant ones (sweat, mildew, grease).

In an attempt to win over skeptical college students, Café today announced plans to launch the world's first smelly e-book. Café CEO Bryce Johnson says that beginning in the back-to-school month of September the company will send every e-textbook purchaser a scratch & sniff sticker with a certifiably musty “old book” smell.

“Students who use CaféScribe download our software to read and annotate e-textbooks and other documents on their laptops,” explains Johnson. “By placing these stickers on their computers they can give their e-books the same musty book smell they know and love from used textbooks – without any of the residual DNA you sometimes find stuck to the pages of used textbooks.”

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August 01, 2007

Access to E-Journals Via Alloway Library's Catalogue

Alloway Librarians have improved the TWU Library catalogue to make it easier for researchers to find journals available from Alloway Library. Until recently, users could find a journal title only through the Journal List page, but now journals are also listed in the catalogue along with books, electronic resources and audiovisual items.

Student reading on a bench ca 1960's TWU Archives

This feature is especially useful for accessing journals in electronic formats. The catalogue record will have a full description of the journal, subject headings and a direct link to the database that holds the journal.

Submitted by Shirley Lee

July 31, 2007

Newly Acquired books with enhanced records in the library's catalogue

Here's the last 13 titles from a list 70 newly acquired books which we have been highlighting over the past week.

These books all have full records in the library's catalogue and several have enhanced records which means that you can not only see the usual detals such as author, title and subject headings but also links to biographies, publisher's information --blurbs-- and in some cases even extracts from the book to read on-line.

Take a look at the examples here and get a better understanding of the difference between a brief record, a full record and an enhanced record. (Remember that these titles are newly acquired which means you will need to request them online and allow one working day for library staff to process your request.)

The brief record for Talk to the hand only shows the title, author and ISBN (International Standard Book Number.) Staff in Alloway Library's Technical Services Department will add subject headings, publishing information and things like the number of pages and height of the book. ( More info on this great book)

Once the record is complete it will look more like the record for Maria Mitchell : the soul of an astronomer which will look "normal" to most library users. (More info on this book)

Click on Alloway Library's enhanced catalogue record for
Dating dead men and find links to the publisher's description, sample text, a brief biographical sketch and the author's website.

Take a look at these other new titles with enhanced records:

Devil in the white city : murder, magic, and madness at the fair that changed America Erkik Larson

Distant shore Phillips, Caryl.

Europe central Vollmann, William T.

Into thin air Krakauer, Jon.

The books listed below have conventional full records including subject headings; we found more information about the book using Google.

Alchemy of nine dimensions : decoding the vertical axis, crop circles, and the Mayan Calendar Clow, Barbara Hand. ( More info)

Birds of a feather Winspear, Jacqueline. (More info)

The Sea Banville, John. (More info)

This blinding absence of light Jelloun, Tahar Ben. (More info)

Year of magical thinking Didion, Joan. (More info)