August 31, 2006

Library Staff Day

Earlier this week, Alloway Library staff spent a day at Rosemary Heights Retreat Centre to refocus and prepare for the coming academic year. Staff were able to spend time in prayer and conversation with one another, catching up on holidays enjoyed and anticipated.

Reference Librarian Shirley Lee shared her knowledge of marketing then created three teams of in-house marketers for the library. Each team was assigned a specific audience and unique message about the library's products, services or needs. Ideas and concepts developed at the retreat will be developed and implemented in the coming year.

August 30, 2006

New DVD goes "Behind the Business of Pop Music"

Money For nothing : Behind the Business of Pop Music is a 2001 production from the Media Education Foundation. It succinctly explains how popular music is produced and marketed, and offers an accessible critique of the current state of popular music.
DVD chapters include The Music Industry / The Gatekeepers: Radio, MTV, Touring, Retail / Music, Advertising, Marketing / Alternatives /Music and the internet/ Cultural imperialism/ Marketing rebellion/ Revenue streams/Be a light/ Start your own label.
A study guide for this program is available from the MEF website

August 28, 2006

Ready to survive?

Do you have what it takes to be a 72 hour survivor? Are you prepared for an emergency? Train derailments, floods, earthquakes and storms are all risk factors for those of us who live and work at TWU. Drop by the library before September 15 to see our exhibit on preparing an emergency survival kit and to find out more about what you can do to prepare and protect yourself from disaster. Enter your name in our prize draw and you could win a 72-hour survival kit or a gift certificate for the TWU bookstore.

August 23, 2006

More new videorecordings

Returning from another vacation break to find, once again, a stack of new video tapes and DVD's...

From the Biblical Archeology Society's acclaimed video lecture series we have two from TWU's Dead Sea scholars. Isaiah and the Dead Sea Scrolls features TWU's Peter Flint. Martin Abegg presents Grace and Law: MMT and Paul.

Voices From the Brink uses archival footage to summarize the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis. "Highly recommended ... compelling...places the viewer at the heart of the conflict, with a sense of immediacy artfully supported by period footage." Scott Smith, Associate Library Director, Lorette Wilmot Library, Nazareth College of Rochester, for Educational Media Reviews Online

Focus groups looks at how focus groups are used, using examples of business right here in the Lower Mainland

Parents, employees, human resources experts are all interviewed in My so-called life-work balance which explores job stress and increasing workloads.

It's not like I hit her examines emotional abuse of women by men.

Winnipeg's David Livingstone School is known as The School of Hope because of it's dedication to to teaching children with fetal alcohol syndrome.

A system of news media which is high on sensationalism and low on information: the result is examined in Rich Media, Poor Democracy, based on Robert McChesney's book.

In After the Warming James Burke takes us into the future to see what could have been done in the 1990's to slow the Greenhouse Effect. Using a device called the "virtual reality chamber" Burke guides us through scenarios of global warming in the year 2050, simulating the future based on today's actions.

Bob thinks but doesn't feel. Christina feels but has trouble thinking. Virginia can neither think nor feel as she is pulled down into a spiral of darkness that zaps her very will to survive. Kent lives within a twenty-minute time span, unable to remember his past or plan for his future. Each of these people has had an injury to a part of the brain called the frontal lobes. Their stories, told in Me, My Brain And I, are helping neuroscientists unravel the mystery of what makes us distinctly human. Told through the remarkable stories of brain-injury patients, this program is as much about explaining this unique part of the brain as it is about exploring the essence of who we are.

Why does chronic pain develop in some people and not in others? What are its triggers? And what can be done about it? A Disease Called Pain explores the deeply complex experience we call chronic pain through the personal stories of several individuals suffering from the disease.

August 22, 2006

New Human Development Video Series

Transitions Throughout the Life Span is a 26-part VHS series which presents developmental processes from birth through death in three distinct categories or domains—biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial. Each of the video lessons has been instructionally designed as a complete lesson, and incorporates original videography of biological processes, as well as historical and contemporary research. The video lessons provide learners with a chance to observe people during all stages of life and hear from many leading human development experts and medical professionals. Stories of challenge, relationships, investigation, hope, and inspiration are told using original footage of real-life case studies, which provide students with insights into key concepts and principles of life-span development.

Used Book Sale Continues

Alloway Library has sold several hundred books in the last few days and hundreds more remain. The books cover a broad range of mostly Christian interests and include popular authors and fairly current titles as well as older items. Priced at just $.50 for softcovers and $1 for hardcovers there won't be many left by next week!

Visit our sale on the main level of the library.

August 04, 2006

Images of Alloway Library on the net and on TV

It's a challenge to keep current with all the cool things on the internet-- that relate to Alloway Library!

This morning, Library Director Ted Goshulak pointed out a page on the TWU website that gives a virtual tour of the library's main level (strangely devoid of people) as well as some photographs of the main level, upper level study area, and The Campanile.

It was great too to see the library so prominently featured in the new TWU commercial which introduces TWU's new president Jonathan Raymond, now airing Omni 10. I counted 4 shots in the 60 seconds that have the library in the background or are set in the library. Dr Raymond has told us he is a supporter of libraries!
Here is a schedule of air times for the commercial:
August 5 – 10:50 PM
August 5 – 10:58 PM

August 7 – 3:27

August 8 – 9:08 AM
August 8 – 12:57 PM

August 9
– 5:00 AM
August 9 – 9:07 PM

August 10 – 11:49 AM
August 10 –
12:57 PM

August 11 – 9:38 AM
August 11 – 2:58

August 12 – 10:37 PM
August 12 – 10:45

August 15 – 12:15 PM
August 15 – 12:57 PM
August 15 – 3:41

August 16 – 5:00 AM
August 16 – 11:18AM

17 – 12:58PM
August 17 – 3:12PM