January 04, 2006

Low tech solution doubles high-tech study spaces

Alloway Library laptop users now have twice as many spots to plug in their computers thanks to a small investment in extension cords. In the past few years, library staff noted that study carrels close to the few electrical outlets in the library became heavily used and also became concerned about a web of electrical cords stretching hazardously across aisles and walkways.

This January, to better meet the needs of library users, library staff found a way to create 70 spots throughout the library to plug in laptops, doubling the number of carrels and study spaces with electrical access simply by adding some extra extension cords and by shifting carrels and tables to be closer to electrical outlets. These wired study spaces are in addition to the 14 stations on the main floor where users who do not subscribe to TWU's wireless internet access can plug their laptop in to the world wide web.

So if your batteries are running low, look for signs posted at eye level to find a plug in spot.

For the safety of all library users, please keep electrical cords clear of walkways where they can pose a hazard for tripping.

Five female students working on a computer (1989) TWU Archives